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Clarification For GPS

Okay. So it's free to use the GPS, right? I don't need to be connected to no EDGE/3G or Wi-Fi? The reason I wanna make sure, is because I chose not to use A-GPS and a Network(Wi-Fi) while using the default GPS(Maps). It then says it will be more costly if I don't connect to a 'home network'...

The only payment I will have to go through is Navigation(Re-routing and voice navigation). Correct?

But it's free Navigation(re-routing) with Nav4All, correct?

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If you use the inbuilt GPS receiver with bought commercial software it won't cost you anymore. You don't need to be connected to a network to use it this way.

Costs are incurred with the Nokia supplied software for data downloads of maps etc and also the turn by turn navigation function (if purchased as extra when you run the Maps program)
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You would have to ask nav4all about that, they are not very clear at all.

In comparison with other forms of telecom traffic, the Nav4All telecom costs are negligible.
It also looks like you have to have a subscription.

Once you have to start paying for our services, you could take out a subscription for one or more weeks for only a few Euros or Dollars. That is even more advantageous for you than an annual subscription of $ 10 to $ 25.
And then theres this:

11. In areas where my mobile phone does not work....?
No problem; the system will keep guiding you, as long as you started before you entered the telephone vacuum. You only need a telephone connection of a few seconds before the start of the vacuum.....
Which means that it must cost you in data charges. Although how much it uses is anyones guess.

As for GPS on the phone -

it doesnt cost you anything, but if you decided to use AGPS it uses about 5k each time it gets a lock. Which isnt much at all, but if you have a stupid package (like mine on vodafone) they can charge for a minimum use. So although its 5k, they will charge you for 200, etc.

nav4all looks like it will cost you if you use it often. If your planning to use GPS a lot, Id fork out for a proper satnav lot, like navigon, garmin, etc.

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if you dont want to pay any money at all to use the gps in any way, then:

1. turn off the network connection so you cannot access GPRS and you wont get charged for data by your carrier
2. use map loader to pre-install all the maps you need
3. dont upgrade to voice navigation

that should sort you out

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why not purchase the turn by turn navigation?! I'm seriously contemplating getting this. I've now used the maps feature twice in the last week to get me two places I've never been. The girlfriend has been the turn by turn voice from reading the screen and the damn thing only went wrong once! (take third r/about exit when should've been 2nd)

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okay. So turn off GPRS. How bout AGPS? i was told to turn that off too. But if i turn off my network, I wont be able to connect to my Wireless? Or.. I gotta google GPRS. I don't know wth the difference is...

Map Loader? I didn't get that with my N95. Maybe I over looked, I'll google it soon.

What's the best S60 3rd GPS program I can use on my N95(that I'll have to pay one time)? I hear people use Route66, and that's TomTom. So it should be good.. No?

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GPS listens to the satellites used for positioning - this is free.

GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/HSDPU/HSUPA allows data to be sent and received to/from the internet via your phone. Depending on your phone plan, this may be included, but for most people this will cost money. The amount it costs usually depends on how much data is sent and received. Each of the listed names above are different ways of transmitting the data (sometimes referred to as 2G, 2.5G, 3G, 3.5G, 3.75G data connections)

AGPS uses a connection to the internet to send a little data that will help the GPS find out where it is quicker. This is optional but can be useful when you're in a hurry. As GPS is often used when out and about, this connection will often be via GPRS and (as described above) may cost you money.

Therefore disabling GPRS will also disable AGPS, and any other downloads that your applications may decide to make. Disabling AGPS won't disable any other downloads.

Hope this makes things a little clearer.

Edit: And Route66 is _not_ TomTom. They are different applications that serve the same purpose - navigation. TomTom is generally considered superior to Route66, but TomTom will currently not work with your N95 unless you also have another piece of hardware called a "Bluetooth GPS receiver". For more information on a variety of appliations that will work fine with the interna GPS receiver in the N95, see the Best Satnav using internal GPS thread.

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Okay. Great. I see how it works now.

But I guess choosing my wireless as a connection when I'm asked is fine. I won't be charged, right? I think I'll just buy the Nokia Navigation. Unless I should so something else. I was told the maps suck...

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Personally, I found nokia maps to suck bad. I couldnt find postcode search (latest version - can someone tell me where the hell it is, or does it not support 7 digit?) and I also could not find my address, nor my mums.

Now for it not to find 2 normal, 10 year old minimum addresses by various means (I tried many ways) means its simply crap. And obviously makes you wonder how useful it is.

It can find some things, but certainly not as much as it should do.


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