All About Symbian - Nokia (S60) and Sony Ericsson (UIQ) smartphones unwrapped

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Photos of N81 'Shop Dummy'

See them here:

Well, there goes my interest in this device... Nokia have clearly gone and used touch sensitive areas of the casing instead of proper buttons. For both soft buttons, Menu, Delete, Dial and Hangup

Considering Finland is so flipping cold, I'm amazed no-one in their design team realised these things never work when your fingers are freezing or you are wearing gloves

I tried to use a friends LG Chocolate phone last winter.. I was so glad it wasn't mine and I could hand it back, I would have thrown it against a wall in frustration within a few days

Plus, I think this thing looks cheap and ugly... the N-Series physical design and style has been going steadily downhill in my opinion. The last one that was visually classy was the N80. I know this shouldn't matter, but looking visually classy is a major part of the appeal of the iPhone for instance. N-Series are supposed to be the 'top of the range'. Whereas the N81 looks worse than an Alcatel.

Oh well, back to the N95 when I'm up for renewal in January.


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good ideas and i dont think it looks too bad... but why combine the n80 (a phone i really like) with the n91 (a phone i really dislike) which is obviously the intention... i dont like music dedicated phones (because i have an ipod and id much rather have an ipod sharin pocket space with my phone [i have a nano] than use my phone for music - altho music on a phone isnt that bad, i jsut dislike it) so i think somethin like this is stupid... music dedicated buttons are just annoyin if your not usin them for music, and look how much space they take up... the hangup and call button are weird and tiny and look squashed!! horrible!

and as you say, them touch buttons are horrible, even though im british and dont need gloves/its not TOO cold i still hate them, and havin proper button that click are much more my style

the best buttons ive had on a phone are on my current n93 cos theyre HUGE and sound and feel really nice when pressed... only problem with that is they are huge and can only be put on a phone like this because the n93 is HUGE... but still...

looks alright, alright specs, but doesnt interest me in the slightest...

as you say... n95 all the way
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