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Horrible static when listening to music on my N95

Yesterday I discovered that my new N95 produces quite a big amount of static when listening to music with cheap earphones like the ones you get with an iPod. I was really disappointed.
Even more because the first time I was listening to music on the N95, I was using my Sennheiser headphones (HD 435), which have a higer impedance, so the static was not that much noticable. If I listen to music again now, I can clearly notice the static though. It really bugs me, as this is already my second device with a static problem. I had a Palm Lifedrive, which had awful static.

So what I want to know is if your N95 also produces static sound. You can test it with an easy song and the volume set to only 10%. And please be using some kind of cheap earphones, because they bring out static at its finest :(

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Come on, just say your N95 does or does not have static hiss when you listen to music. Can't believe noone would answer to this thread.

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Yes, N95 sound quality is awful, especially after hearing an N91. So much hiss its shocking. I actually get a better signal to noise ratio using bluetooth headphone, but with intermittant connection. No win.

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The background hiss on the headphone jack is a common problem on the N95.

You have 2 solutions to the problem - use a Bluetooth headphone or add a level attenuator. You can get level attenuators from either Radioshack or Shure. See picture below:

Radioshack Gold-Plated Volume Control Cable for Stereo Headphones:

Shure Attachable Volume Control:

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Hi Maticek

Sorry i really don't get it we all know using cheap headphones is never going to give good results so why would you want to use them. I use a pair of Shure EC2g which cost under 40 and the resulting sound qaulity with 160kbps AAC music is nothing short of stunning. Just use well encoded Music and a good set of headphones and there is no problem no need to start adding extra bits of equipment either.


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It's not a cheap headphone problem, there are duff N95s with hissing over the 3.5mm jack as myauto mentions. I use Shure E4Cs and still get the hissing. Whether I use cheap iPod earphones, some sub 20 Panasonic earphones or a pair of Plantronics headphones, the hiss is there...even if I pass the audio out to my PCs line in, mic input or to the PC speakers, I still get hiss.

As has been mentioned the only way I can get rid of the hiss is to use the attenuator that came with the Shures. I turn up the volume on the phone to the point where hiss is drowned out by the music and then use the attenuator to control the volume so I don't go deaf

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Really think that the hissing is a firmware issue.. I am sure that when I originally bought the phone (in V10) did not hiss as bad as the current V12 firmware.

Sigh.. NOKIA!!!

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Yes, this has nothing to do with the quality of the headphones, I hear the hiss on earbud style phones, as well as my sennheiser HD25's(about 100).

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I'm getting a short digital click sound right at the start of most songs. Anyone else get this? Is that static or something else?

I hear the same click if I press any buttons on the phone whilst playing music. And I think I can occaisionally just hear them whilst music is playing, there's like two or three of them at a time, rather than the regular singular one at the begining of the track.

Should I try another sd card or is it the phone?

When I first played music I'd downloaded on the supplied headphones there was the most awful hiss but when I put the upgraded one in it disapeared.

I'm just playing with the phone as I type this and I note that if I've paused a track, when I press the menu buttons I get that click followed by some sort of electrical hum for a couple of seconds before it disappears. Does anyone else get this? In fact I'm now noticing hum coming through on vey quiet passages. Have I got a faulty one or is everyone experiencing this?

Thanks for any suggestions.


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