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Smile Problems Setting up POP3 Email accounts on E61

I Purchased this fone thinking I could receive emails as i would sms on my old phone. Assuming it would be a piece of cake to setup... Boy was i wrong!

First of all... Hotmail (my primary account) doesnt work as after a small amount of research, I found out, that this service needs to be paid for. I did find a solution on a forum using the server However, this looked highly suspicious, and i did not want to compromise my hotmail account which ive had for 10years!

Secondly.. I have tried gmail and yahoo to no avail. I have set both of them to allow pop3 and set the config up on my e61 as required by each service, these just seem to time out after trying to connect for a couple of mins. Typical settings for gmail would be incoming: with ports tried on 995, 25 and default, security tried on ssl and off. Outgoing: ports 465, 25 and default tried security also tried on and off... No luck

The only service that works is 3mail which does not support forwarding and the gmail client (which is java) I want to use my phones email client as it makes use of the phones features. (warning lights and mail buttons)

My handset is on Three, I have purchased the mobilemail addon from them. I have my mail forward to gmail from my work mail account, this then gets forwarded to my hotmail account from gmail so i can read/archive my mails at home. It would be nice if i could access the gmail account on my phone to access my emails on the move.

If anyone can help me get gmail working on my e61 without their client (with nokia messages/email) I will be eternally greatful!

Bye for now....
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1. Try to restart your E61 (some people say it helps)
2. Make sure to set you email-adress to (not

Many people report problems with GMail on E61

If it's still not working you should try:

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hi swat47 try what rottie is saying if not try the following:

I have gmail setup and this is what you do,

first make sure your GPRS is active if u r using WLAN fine again. lets assume your email address is xyz at gmail dot com and we'll try the following , go to your inbox and go under email settings and once you are there enter incomming email

1) user name: xyz
2) password : (upto u if u want to keep it active or not)
3) incoming mail serv
4) Access point in use : upto u again
5) Mailbox name : i have it as Gmail
6) Mailbox type :pop3
7) Security port: SSL/TLS
8) Port: Default
9) Apop Secure logon : off

same will follow for outgoing email except you enter email address as xyz at gmail dot com and outgoing mail serv : and Port: Default

Next step user settings is pretty straigt forward, retreival setting is kind of tricky, if u will be using GPRS depending on your provider you can get charged heavily if you are sent picture emails that is why i have it as a limit of 3KB anything bigger than that i check it online

and not to forget the main thing, enable your pop forwarding on your gmail account and see if this works , took me 5 days to figure out and didn't know this forum existed lol, yea i played around ALOT and was pissed like you, great phone but too bad no camera :(

Enjoy...latest mod i've done to the phone is the tom tom 6 just waiting for my GPS receiver to arrive from ebay.

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i also have the mobilemail addon and have had it configured to collect my gmail since day one, i have had several issues with the service but these have been resolved as issues with the sevenweb server. With mobilemail you have logged into sevenweb and checked the settings they are using?


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Gmail settings require that your username is your complete email address; atleast that's the information I got from the gmail help service.

As for Hotmail, not sure if you can do forwarding of Hotmail, but if you can, you should setup a free account at (a free push-email provider) and then you will get your hotmail pushed to your E61 (just install Mail for Exchange).

This is what I have done with my gmail account and it works amazingly well.

I also have my gmail account setup "normally" and it works just fine without these issues.
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Hey mbm. Thank you so much! Ever since I got my E61, I've been figuring out how to do this. I never knew about the 'should enable POP forwarding' bit. I tried it 3 days back and it worked great! But for me, the outgoing mail should also have SSL/TLS security ports.



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