All About Symbian - Nokia (S60) and Sony Ericsson (UIQ) smartphones unwrapped

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Lightbulb Yay! Worked out how to get the stylus out!

One thing which I really don't figure, is that the 990 is left handed, cos the stylus and lanyard are on the left, rather than the right side.

Not much hassle on the latter, except I keep pulling the phone out of my pocket then have to turn it round to face me -- I'll get used to that soon.

But the stylus?? So, like, you are doing phone stuff in your right hand, decide to go flip-open, so transfer it to the left hand, and as you move your right hand away, you pop the flip open. So far so good.

Then you go for the stylus, way past the top right corner, and keep going, and just turn that phone on it's side for a bit and reach under your left hand to find that stylus. Ooh, is that an awkward, phone dropping, sort of movement.

Solved it.

With your left thumb over the jog-dial, put the end of the nail of your left index finger under the end of the stylus and flick upwards and hte stylus neatly flies out. Generally it helps if you have your right hand ready to catch it, or you'll be scrabbling on the floor, but I've got it down to a fine art now.

Again, once you get used to this phone, it's getting ok. Just I really wouldn't want to share a house with whoever designed some parts of it. Spooky person.

Oh, left handed stylus users need not read this, since it won't apply.

er ... remind me of the topic again?

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OOh, I like that finger-index-technique-extraction-stylus (FITES). You wouldn't have one of those large keys that opens storm-drainage gratings would you?

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Jules, I'm very impressed!

Is there a way that you can convert the 3-way jog dial into a 5-way, or make it behave like one?
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stylus, worked, yay

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