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Exclamation Problem with memory card or cable!!!

hi, i have a small problem with my e61! i have some apps installed on my memory card and some other data(mp3,photos,videos). I use a 2gb minisd samsung. i have 1,2gb free. i get this problem though... sometimes when i open the intalled folder i can see the icons for all my installed apps but when clicking on anyone of them, the phone just didnt start the application!!! but i could still open the music or access my photos on the memory card! i had to use the remove memory card feature to remove the card then insert it again for the apps to show up again and work! this happened atleast once each time i started up the phone, and if i removed the memory and insert it again, it worked fine until the next reboot...
I noticed this after i set a password for my memory, so i decided to remove the password to see if that was the problem! i did this only today so i'll observe the phone and see if this was the case! if someone knows something about this then plz tell me what i can do to fix this, because its quite annoying to remove and reinsert the memory every once in a while...

one other thing i come up was a problem when using the data cable to connect my e61 to my pc! the pc suite function works ok, the ip passthrough havent used it yet, but the data transfer, where the pc recognises the memory card only, worked fine in the begging but now, for an unkown reason, when i choose data transfer when i connect the phone, it asks me that it will go offline, it closes the apps that are running, and then it JUST FREEZES there! no responce or nothing... i cant do anything to recover it, other than pulling out the battery... Anyone knows anything about that too???

Plz help me with these problems if you can...
Ty for your time reading my looong post anyway, i couldnt discribe it in a shorter way...

(maybe copying all the data from the memory using a card reader, formating it and them copying them back in will sort thing out?)

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i have experienced your problem too. Sometimes there is no response to clicking an app icon, and i remove it, only to find that the app somehow reinstalls and works ok! I am still getting used to the strange way in which these symbians dump the sis down onto the phone and then install from there, consuming twice (or more) as much room as is necessary. Sometimes you seem to be able to delete the sis and get away with it... sometimes not. I wish this was addressed in the documentation.

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With problems of this kind, it would be helpful for you to try the device with a different card, such as that that came with your phone. Many large capacity cards from the Far East are bogus and don't work properly, so let's find out whether this problem still occurs with, say, a 256MB Nokia-branded card.

Just zap your music files, I'm sure you'll still fit everything else on 8-)

Steve Litchfield, Admin, AAS

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I have had the same issue with my E61. When I powered off, I lost the ability to open Worldmate, PDF reader, and Zip Manager. Removing any one of these programs allowed the rest to work ok.

I had installed these programs on the removable memory card thinking that having a 1GB memory card was going to allow me to save space in the phone memory.

I tried re-installing these 3 programs onto the phone memory and have not had the same problem since. It does seem that some uses of the memory card are "buggy" at this stage with the E61. I have read also that the remote lock will not work if your messages are stored on the memory card instead of the phone memory.

Try an install on the internal phone memory and see if you have the same problem.


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SD Card "reboot".

I think that there is a problem with the e61 (current firmware) reliably accessing anything that's installed to card memory. I have found that if you click an icon and it just doesn't do anything, then it can be rectified by hitting the power switch once, selecting change memory card, and hitting ok without changing the card. Then the phone will recognise the programs installed on the card... kinda like a reboot of the card.

Incidentally, try to launch any card based app from taskman and it will produce an error message before this "card reboot".

Hopefully they get this right in the next firmware and release it damn soon.

PS I'm running a samsung 2 gig high speed SLC NAND mini SD which, given the poor feedback of the bundled card, is probably less dodgy than the Nokia cards.

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Mem card problem

Hi Folks

I am using a Sandisk 2 GB card and I haven't encountered this problem with this card.

I had experienced this with the bundled 64 MB card from Nokia.



cable, card, memory, problem

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