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Get rid of Chicken Delete Message Boxes?


I was wondering if there was a way to delete emails, without going through the Delete Confirmation Message box (ie Chicken box). Would like to speed up my email workflow in deleting junk emails.


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Don't think so, but I would really suggest that you try out ProfiMail. It's just a million times better than the built-in client, in my opinion. No 'Chicken box' there, and a bunch of other useful features that the built-in client doesn't offer.

Welcome to the forum btw.
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i would totally agree.... ProfiMail is the best email client . it works almost flawlessly.

There's only one problem in it & thats if it shows an error on connection the error message does not expire automatically, you have to open the software & click on "OK" before it can start to work again.

Its a minor error,but lonely cat should do soemthing about it. i have written to them but nothing's happened till now.

i get a lot of emails & my office email is only 4MB space so it can fill up fast if i dont delete the earlier emails.
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awesome thank you. will try it out.


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