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Application Agile Messenger Disconnect Problems - 6682

I'm using what seems to be the newest release of Agile Messenger as far as I can tell from Agile Mobile. I just got my Nokia 6682 two days ago, and I wanted to find a good IM program other than the one that comes with the phone. I don't have to pay per message using Cingular's service since I have unlimited MediaNet/EDGE. I'm always able to tether my laptop via bluetooth to my phone and use as much of the internet on my laptop so I don't think that it's Cingular's service.

I think it might have something to do with my 6682 losing signal when I'm mobile and moving between towers or out of range. From what I have been able to tell so far, it seems like the phone will stay connected as long as it is sitting next to my bed charging, but once I move around for about an hour and then check it again, it is disconnected. I would have thought that it would be able to auto-reconnect.

Another thing that disconnects it is when I make or receive a phone call. Once again, i would have thought that the program should be able to auto-reconnect after a phone call to the AIM service or that it should have some kind of store and forward service since EDGE and GSM can't be active at the same time.

Does anyone else experience these same problems or know of a better program to be using? Thank you.

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Heya.. I believe this is just the nature of using data on your phone simultaneously with voice.

While having a voice call going, the data is temporarily suspended. In the case of static webpages, you can continue your browsing when your packet connection becomes active again. However, when you use an internet service that relies on "keep-alive" packets, such an instant messaging, irc, telnet, ssh, or whatever really, it needs to have constant data communication with your phone to reaffirm that it's still connected.

Only thing you can do to make sure you dont lose your stateful internet connection to your service is to only stay on your voice call for under 2 minutes. Generally the keep-alive on most internet protocols is about that time. If you go over, be prepared to reconnect to your service.

I dont see this problem going away any time soon, at least until the GPRS/EDGE or whatever our future technology will be will differentiate between the two types of service and keeps the paths always on.

Hope this info helps!

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Originally Posted by nomorgow
I dont see this problem going away any time soon, at least until the GPRS/EDGE or whatever our future technology will be will differentiate between the two types of service and keeps the paths always on.
It's going away in Europe thanks to UMTS. With a UMTS phone you can transfer data and talk at the same time. I don't know if it is going to be the same in the US....



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