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Article Symbian Word 9500/9300/9210 <-> 7710 test

I need some assistance with the following since I do not have access to both 9500/9300/9210 and 7710 at the moment.

Can anyone write a test Word document in a 7710 with some formatting, e.g. bold, italics, different fonts, different stules, transfer the file to a 9500 (or a 9300 or a 9210) and try open it in Symbian Word.

Note: in the Nokia 9300, 9500 and 7710 machines, Symbian Word is confusingly called 'Documents'. In the 9210 it's called Word.

The reason for this test is the following: there is a suspected bug in the Symbian Word for 7710. When creating a Symbian Word file, some bytes are left out related to page format codes. All other Symbian Word file implementations always include these codes, including Symbian Word for 9500/9300/9210 as well as Psion PDAs. However, in a file produced by a 7710 they seem to be missing, despite the fact that the file unique identifiers (UIDs) are identical between S80 and S90. So far I have only been able to verify this bug in the WINS emulator and I would like to know if the same thing happens on a real device.

The result of the bug is that the 7710 can read Symbian Word files produced by a 9500/9300/9210 but the 9500/9300/9210 cannot read Symbian Word files produced by the 7710.

I would be very thankful for any assistance on this since I'm developing a cross platform application involving native Symbian Word formats.

Alternatively, I would be equally thankful if anyone can produce a short Symbian Word file on a 7710 and email to me.
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Thank you very much for the responses, in particular tsupatsupa.

I have now been able to verify that there is indeed a bug in Symbian Word application for 7710. It stores a corrupt native format which cannot be read from S80 devices.

Perhaps there will never be any other S90 device, so perhaps I will never be able to verify whether this is a S90 problem or a 7710 problem.

However, the 7710 can open and read Symbian Word files created in a S80 device, e.g. 9500, 9300 or 9210, but not the other way around.

I will now try include a workaround for this bug in my own application.
Martin Harnevie (Bluetooth, RFID, ZigBee ...)

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you're welcome


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