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A925 issues...crashes, gps booting, memory card...

Howdy people, how's life today? I hope everything is fine. Now, I have a little problem with my newly purchased A925, and I would really, really appreciate if anyone can give me few answers.

I bought the phone first-off because of its Symbian, GPS capability, and I got just what I expected - bulky, bricky moto, with all the neat little fancy features - but...there's always some but.

First - phone data - Motorola A925, Handset info sais, RAM:32MB, Machine: Reference platform, Version: REL 30.80.20...I doubt you need baseband, flex or apconfig.

1. This is what's bugging me - I got a card with my phone, with rather unusual name, San Disk TransFlash Adapter, original packing, looks just like this the card or have I been crossed? The problem is, that the phone does not recognize this card. I plug it in correctly, and nothing - control panel>memory card sais there is no memory card present. I have 12mb internal, but it's not as nearly enough, as you know already. Now, I don't have external card reader for my PC, nor I have another SD card to try, so I can't check whether the card is actualy working...or being a card, at all.

2. I downloaded some trial GPS software, as the most interesting feature, the main reason why I got the a925, and I have a hell of a time obtaining the fix. My network does not support AGPS, but I keep it on, and cancel everytime it wants to connect, beacuse I have nowhere to connect to. Anyhow, last night, I managed to get a biref fix with nhGPS, outdoors on my parking lot, but that was it. I tried today, also outdoors, with no luck. Is there a way to boost the GPS reception, at least a little bit? I just don't belive I can't get three lousy satellite signals...over Bosnia, with all those spy satellites and all... Ofcourse, I mean boosting signal, without getting an external antenna?

3. The phone crashes...all the time. For no apparent reason. The screen get's a bit garbled and it reboots, or it get's stuck, and I have to get the battery out to shut it off. Sometimes it gets locked when I try to use bluetooth headset to make voice calls. Fishy...but I can live with it.

4. Spare battery, now - it won't charge. Physicaly, it's the same as the battery inside the unit, but when I put on the charger, sometimes is blinks few times green, then orange, and nothing happends. After some time, it flashes red rapidly, like it's faulty. Sometimes, it starts flashing red rapidly as soon as I put it in the charger. I tried putting the battery in the phone, and then charging it, and it seems fine, but it doesn't charge - bacauce, when I detach the phone from the charger, it just shutsoff. Fcked battery, I suppose, but it was originaly packed.

So, please, if anyone has any constructive ideas...please help?

Thank you all in advance.

Nenad, Bosnia.

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1.That's not the default card that comes from the phone, that's an adapter where you put a TransFlash card in order to make it work on a card reader. Where did you get the phone? I guess you've been skammed...
2.For GPS try Wayfinder. Other progs like nhGPS, Tom Tom sometimes don't work or fail entirely to work.

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thanx for the answer, apparently you were right, for the sd card - it actually was an empty transflash adapter - meaning - just a stupid empty useless piece of plastic, probably $1 or so. I got myself a 64mb sd and it works just fine. Well, got scammed, not the first time, and probably not the last...

As for GPS, I tried Wayfinder and it sucked, so I switched back to nhGPS and it rocks - ofcourse, the problem is that it only works outdoors, with good clearability, and sometimes can't get a fix in 30 minutes. But it works fine, it's very precisive, the only problem is getting correct maps.

As for the battery, it was deactivated due to long period of inactivity - but I managed to get it jump started and it seems to be working fine now.

Well, thanx


a925, booting, card, gps, issuescrashes, memory

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