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2 general email settings questions

I've got the Email on my 9300 working fine now but I've got a couple of general email settings questions I'm curious about.

1 - When you have more than one email account, what's the idea of having a 'Default account'? As far as I can see, you have to choose which one to send/recieve from each time anyway. Is there a program that uses the default?

2 - In the manual (p38), it says there's the option to receive 'Messages' i.e. entire message without attachments. However, on the 9300, that option doesn't appear. Is it available somewhere else or is it just a change made after the manual was printed?

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1. Say you are in the Contacts application and want to write an e-mail to one of your contacts you are taken directly to the message editor and your default account is used for that message.

2. I think that option is only available for IMAP users (correct me if I'm wrong).
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Ok, thanks.

I do use POP3 accounts so it may explain why I don't see that option.


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