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MailX - Email Solution for the 9500?


Just wanted to put this out there...

I was poking around Handango last night, and stumbled upon a program called, "MailX."

It purports to be a "push" email solution for the Nokia 9300/9500, as well as offering a "poll" email feature if desired. To me, used to my Snappermail on the Treo 650, this sounded too good to be true. So I downloaded a "trial," and began to test it out. I was skeptical, as the product description wasn't well written and a bit vague.

Know what? It worked. I was shocked and thrilled. Now it's important to note the way it worked, because calling it push is a little misleading... I think that they have a central server that (their quotes, not mine) "listens" to your email accounts, and then when it detects an email, retreives it and then pushes it to your phone. Basically this means that they are constantly polling your accounts and shooting emails to your communicator when they find them.

I have a Blackberry 7100, and it deals with "push" email much better than MailX. My Blackberry goes off within about a minute or two of an email hitting my account. MailX, on the other hand, takes an average of 7 minutes from the email being sent to the alert hitting the phone.

Not great - but who's complaining? This actually makes the 9500 a complete smartphone in my opinion, because I no longer have to crack open the clamshell and poll each of my 6 email accounts manually whenever I want to check messages. To me, this is huge. My Treo is set up to poll every 10 minutes, and if I can get similar response from MailX...very cool.

In addition to MailX giving the option of "push" or "poll" (at whatever interval you specifiy) MailX will also send an SMS to the phone when an email arrives. Probably a nice feature for some, but I set up a WAV file to play when the email comes in - which works great.

There are a few things that I'd change. For instance, when the email comes in the "cover screen" doesn't do anything. There's no way to see what email arrived unless you open the phone and check messages. Now, I did try the SMS approach, and that lit the screen up and notified me which account had an email. My problem with that is that my specified WAV file didn't play - and I prefer that for now. I might be able to figure out how to play the right sound with the SMS - but that's a problem for another night.

Also, when I look for the email on the cover screen it doesn't show up. I suspect that MailX takes the data from the Messaging program, and kind of stands alone, which is why it doesn't show up on the screen.

All that being said - what an improvement. I'm not swearing by it because I've only used for 2 hours now - but it is very much something I've been waiting for. Since you get a free trial, why not give it a spin?

Sifu Z.


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