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Text Message Names

I'm having a problem with the way the 7610 displays names when a text message is recieved from a contact; the problem is that it displays the first and last name in the wrong order. For example a message from the contact "John Smith" will display "Smith John" in my inbox, even though the name is correct in my contacts list, and yes I'm certain that the contact list is displayed "First name first".

The problem only happens with some names, as others are displayed correctly in the inbox. Anyone help?


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If it is inconsistent (doesn't happen with all contacts), then check in the Contacts app that the contact record stored actually/really/truly have the correct last name and first name in the correct fields (and not reversed, or both in, e.g., the last name field).

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if u want it to appear as John Smith then write 'John Smith' in the FIRST NAME box n leave the the LAST NAME box empty. thats all i know
hope this helps

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Yup I can guarentee that all the names have been entered correctly in my contacts list - it took ages to do it! I've checked and rechecked, but can't figure out why it's doing it with only some names.

Is no-one else having this problem..?


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This has been a problem since the 7650. You could use the NameSwap software.

NameSwap for the Nokia 7650
An application which swaps the names of one or all of the contacts on your phone - eg. "John Smith" would become "Smith John". This is useful if you'd like your contacts to be displayed as [first name] [last name].
Regards - Paul G - Paul's Web Site


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