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Program to use d pad controller for shortcuts

Hello all,

I am looking for a program so that I can use the d-pad on the 7610 for shortcuts just as you use the two menu buttons as short cuts when in normal stand by mode.

I am sure I read something about a program on a thread somewhere but I cant find it when searching. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Yea, that would be great! casue it is really help full on other phones!!

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try one2go

I don't like it, but I think it's more or less what you are looking for.

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where do i download it??

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Just to give a little feedback on "Active Today" and "one2Go". They both bring up their own little menu shortcuts

Active Today - this has 5 shortcuts on the bottom of the screen which you can select which one and get to program slightly quicker then using the actual menu. Except on the active today view with this on the bottom you cant quite have your true background.

one2Go - you hold down the 'down' on the d-pad for 1 second and you can scroll through a menu of shortcuts. Still to me just seems like another menu.

What I would like is if you actually press left on the d-pad it goes into calendar for example, the above two are not quite what I was after (I come from the 7250i world where you press left to write message, right for calendar or other way round whatever it was)

To get that one2Go by the way dude just google "one2go" and you will find it.

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hmm, i dont like either!! i like the shorcuts tht came on the Nokia 3200, which is what you are sayin with the 7250i!!

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Hi guys.
Just a quick heads up
- are you aware you can select programs from the menu by using the numbers on your phone?
For instance, rather than using three or four key depressions to get to item 5 in the menu you can just hit the '5' key and it will go there AND launch the app. Save loads of key depressions scrolling to the icon then another click to launch it..

I have my oggplayer in position 2 in my menu and have it set to autoplay on launch, so to listen to music I just press 'menu' then '2' and I have music playing...

Using this system you can have up to 9 applications mapped to your number keys.

Hope this helps - not quite as easy as pressing 'left' but only one extra key depression AND you can have 9 items mapped rather than 4.


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