All About Symbian - Nokia (S60) and Sony Ericsson (UIQ) smartphones unwrapped

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6600 Newbie Questions

Hey guys

Potential convert to the 6600, so go easy on me if any of these questions have been covered before and in depth:

1. Day-to-day, what do you personally find the single best application/use for your 6600? What makes you smile?
2. Day-to-day, what's the single most annoying thing about your 6600?
3. I've read it takes MMC cards, does it accept SD cards too?
4. For all the regular 'phone' things like making/receiving calls, speech quality, sending/receiving texts, how does it handle. I'm coming from having used a SPV e100 where these things are not great points.
5. MMS - assume it has a decent MMS client?
6. Java - from reading lots of phone magazines, it would seem the 6600 is one of the better phones with Java support. True?
7. MP3 - I've variously read that the 6600 can/cannot handle MP3's in stereo. True or not?
8. I've seen various custom 6600 cases on Ebay. Any point to these?
9. Are there any firmware upgrades I can do myself?
10. Is there anything else major I should know? Sure the 7610 is imminent but I'm really not all that fussed.


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All of your questions will be answered if you actually search the forums.I'll leave this thread open because i consider question 1 and 2 to vary from user to user.

Please don't PM me with something that belongs in the forums.Search first,then ask.

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By the same token then aren't questions 4 and 5 subjective?

Cheers for the warm welcome.

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Talking bum

1. "mobiluck", installed quite recently, but has potential to be great fun
2. Very rarely it has crashed, but could be down to the progs/games i use.
3. No
4. Can't comment on the calls part, my 6600 is my 2nd phone for "playing" with, mms/sms seem to be ok .
5. It's a pleasure writing sms/mms , very trick layout
6. Would'nt know, the 6600 is my first "smartphone". Althought the games i have look excellent and play well.
7.Hav'nt tried them yet.
8. Upto yourself m8, if you want to have a buck-standard looking phone or not(very popular phones), i bought a black one from formymobile and it looks great, be carefull when changing it though
9.Don't think so, your local nokia service centre will upgrade as and when though.
10. Just do it

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Nice one, cheers mate!

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1: readM: She talks, I read something else, what more could a guy want.
2: single BT connections (mono comes a close second and not having charger contacts on the bottom so you can use a deskstand is terrible)
3: NO, although nokia is smoking crack not using SD.
4: Log is a bit slow, shortcuts for anything that isn't on your SIM are nowhere near what nokia was at 8 years ago (up+call and an instant connection just isn't there yet). The voicetags are limitted. If you select a person in the contact list by using the keypad letter shortcut you are locked into that letter range until you pop the joystick to the right and back. If you open a contact to call their non-default number you keep having to push the stick or softkeys instead of the green button when you actually have "CALL" boxed in / highlighted. Granted, those are minor annoyances, but to me the UI is too user intensive when it should be responsive and fast. When making calls I really don't want to have to look at my phone much. Now, on the plus side. I think the speaker is of reasonable quality, however you may find you have to hold the phone lower on your ear than normal to center the speaker (just weird). Speakerphone is decent. I like the bluetooth headset and use that a lot. Text, MMS, POP3, is actually quite good once you get it worked out (same ole t-9). At first the fingernail size keys bothered me, but I adjusted to it quite well. I think the 6630 probably solves that for some ppl.
5: MMS seems to vary w/ carrier. You can put together slide shows, audio and picture, video clips, etc pretty quick and send them how you want so I'd say that the build in MMS is good.
6: The free java games I've used are everybit as good and fast as the ones people charge $10 (US) for so, yes, I think it's a decent implementation. I know a lot of people will disagree w/ me about java being good stuff, but it works for me. It seems like the symbian templates ppl are using to develop java apps are a little rough around the edges, but it's still good.
7: No stereo (opinions will vary). It gets you doing crazy things like listening to ebooks on your bluetooth headset while you walk around and you don't really miss the mp3 part that much.
8: I hate cases so all I'll say is that the back cover is the best replacement plastic to have unless you're way out of warranty.
9: Not unless you work for nokia or have very expensive equipment and no morals, but most places are pretty happy to get you up to the latest version for free or a nominal charge.
10. To be honest w/ you, it's my 5th series 60 phone and the things I like about it are the size, screen, and appearence. It doesn't look like it's made by fisher-price (kids toy) and it's not quite the Yakuza special that the 7610 looks like. The bluetooth system and syncing isn't that well thought out, and if I could have the same phone or a little better w/ stereo I'd take it, but it's not that great of a difference for me.

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If you look for a good (and free ;-) chat software for your phone, try SubliMobi bluetooth chat



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