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Thumbs down Help! Remove clock alarm?


I installed a trail version of Handy Clock and set a recurring alarm. However, the app has expired and won't let me load it. Unfortunately the clock alarm is still going off everyday and I want it to stop. I tried uninstalling the program but the alarm still occurs. I tried re-installing but it still won't let me load the program since the trial period has expired. I have a file system viewer so if someone knows where this data is stored then maybe I can delete it this way.

I have emailed the developers of Handy Clock and have not heard back.

Any help would be appreciated, I hate being woken up early every morning!


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The alarm information is stored in the alarm server. You can try deleteing c:\system\data\alarmserver.ini. Maybe that will work.

If you still have this problem after the weekend, pm me. I'm busy playing with the alarm server and my app may be far enough advanced to help you to delete the alarm.
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Thanks for the suggestion cmatthee!

One thing I did try was to hit snooze when the alarm occurred. Then I went to the regular clock alarm program which showed the alarm snoozing and I did a Remove Alarm from there. Unfortunately even though it looked like deleted the alram it still occurred this morning and that's why I'm awake now.

I looked for the file you specified but I didn't have it. I do have something close though:

c:\system\data\Almsvr.dat 961B

I took a look at it and it seemed to have alarms for many of my calendar entries so I didn't want to delete it. What do you think I should try next?


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Same Help! Remove clock alarm?

Got the same problem with my Nokia 6630. I've installed the handy clock, tried setting a daily alarm...a confirmation appeared stating alarm has been set but nothing appears on the alarm menu. I thought it was not set. But daily, it alarms to the time I've set. I've tried looking at the alarm menu of the handyclock and nothing was I've un-installed handyclock but the alarm is still occuring daily.

I've tried looking at the default clock of N6630 and no alarm is set. I've tried setting an alarm from the default clock and this alarm is ok but the old set alarm from handyclock still occurs.

I've tried re-installing the handyclock...i see 2 sheets, the time and the alarm...but only the time window sheet appears...when I press right button, the window does not move to the alarm window sheet...hence I have no access to re-set, remove or reprogram the handyclock alarm.

anyone who can help remove the alarm?

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Answer to "Can't remove clock alarm"

I was also a victim of this "can't remove alarm"...I finally knew how to remove it.

This procedure worked for me on my N6630:

1) As per cmatthee mentioned: delete c:\system\data\alarmserver.ini (not the almsvr.dat)...if you're using fexplorer try find *alar* and it should point you to c:\system\data subfolder

* you may want to copy and paste this alarmserver.ini file to your memory card for backup just in case something untoward happens (then just past back to restore original alarm settings)

2) After deleting, exit fexplorer and turn-off your mobile phone. Then as you switch it back on, the old handy clock alarm setting should be gone. A new alarmserver.ini should be created if you try looking at the c:\system\data sub-folder again.

*I've tried deleting the alarmserver.ini without rebooting and still the alarm sounds.
*After this process you may try setting your clock time a minute before the handy clock alarm setting so you could try if the process worked (no need to wait another day just to test it).


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