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Bluetooth handsfree profile not supported

Bluetooth handsfree profile not supported by client

Thats the error that im getting when i want to connect my 6600 to my pc.
I have a usb bluetooth adapter.

It has worked before but now seems to not want to work.
The phone is named, it has bluetooth enabled and the computer is also a paired device and set as authorised, it just wont connect.

WHen i try and connect the serial port with xp, from my bluetooth places it will think about it for a while and then it might throw up an error;
The bluetooth serial port failed....other times it might just work>.
Windows will see the cell phone at base level..

Anyone know these problems or have a solution???


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Smile Perhaps This Will Help

I saw your message as a result of a Google search while I was trying to find the solution to exactly the same problem I was having.

I just got this Nokia 6600 the other day and bought a Bluetooth adapter today. And I could get the PC and phone to pair, but not to connect - with the message that the PC didn't support the Bluetooth Handsfree Profile.

Here's what I did in the couple of hours since I saw your message - and now it is working.

1. I had assumed that the message was telling me the Bluetooth adapter was not able to support the required profile. However, your comment that you'd had it working but were now having problems made me think.

2. I went to the Nokia site and the fact they had a downloadable version of the software suite made me think that if I updated the installation that might sort it. It's a biggie, at 35MB, but if you have broadband it won't be a problem.

3. They also have a download to wipe the resgistry clean. That's only 44kb - but the fact they have it suggests that there might be a lot of issues that are difficult to resolve if you have installed the software once already.

4. The Nokia uninstaller is a pain. Actually, so is the installer. But persevere (with the unnecessary rebooting). Make sure you uninstall the apps, then run the registry cleaner.

5. Reboot and then install the downloaded Nokia apps.

6. When I tried to connect to the PC from the phone, I still got the message that the profile wasn't supported. At this point I tried a few swearwords I know, started to write to the Bluetooth device manufacturer (in Taiwan, so that could have got interesting), and then thought I'd try to connect from the PC to the phone - which hadn't worked earlier today.


I haven't a clue what was wrong, although the reinstall has sorted out a COM port setting problem that the initial install had created (mixing COM 0 and COM8).

I don't want to mess about with it now I've got it working, so I can't try and narrow it down for you.

Basically, all that rambling above summarises as 'uninstall the previous install - completely: use the registry cleaner to do it properly - then install the downloaded latest version, then try and connect from your PC to the phone'.

I'm sure there's a bit where you have to configure your Bluetooth software (it'll be different to mine, I guess), but it should detect the phone's capabilities automatically.

Oh yeah. The downloaded Nokia software doesn't have all that annoying 'honest, mate. I'm not spyware so you can install me, and if you say no I'm going to install anyway' garbage in it. Or the Nokia multimedia player (I bet that damned thing hijacked all my associations). Or if it did, I haven't seen it yet

Good luck.

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Well, I didn't want to tempt fate, but it turned out that the connection is quite temperamental.

Something else I found is that the connectivity is much more reliable if the USB Bluetooth device is connected to a primary USB port and not one on a hub. That could make sense - my Wacom graphics tablet only works from a primary USB. It is the power requirement

It now seems to connect every time (more or less).

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Bluetooth devise does not support handsfree...

I had the same problem. The Nokia 6600 and XP used to connect and then would not any more.

I have not got the two working again, without re-installing the software - a very long task.

Here is what I did.

Start PCSuite for Nokia 6600 (the "Change Device" window comes up, but no device is shown)

Click OK

Click Start and select All programs and choose "My Bluetooth Places"

Select Serial Port Links, and right click on your phone Icon.

Choose connect (You receive an error message that COM 0 can not be found.

Click OK (repeat again if need be)

Miracle the pc connects (via COM 4 in my case).

I don't know why this works, but it just does....


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