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Photo Quality?

Just wanted to know your take on camera quality, the photos I've taken with my 7650 seem to get a wash or blur towards the corners of the photos, especially when taking shots of the nature or landscapes. Even close up photos seem to reveal the same problem, the centre of the picture being sharp and clear while the further you go outwards the blurier it gets! This is seen much easier when uploading them to the PC and having the full 640*480 resolution, or when using the zooming function on the phone and then scrolling you can notice it too!

Has anybody else got a say on this? I noticed that this topic has not been discussed before. All imput will be greatly appreciated!

disclosure: I know that I'm a guest but just stumbled across this site and consider registering after having read many answered questions. The site gives me the impression of being informative and probing with good responses. I hope we get a lot of feedback with this one!


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According to the official 7650 service manual blurring at the edges is normal.

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Yeah. Mobileburn has an article that compared the camera of the 7650 to the ericsson's MCA-20. You'll notice that all his shots are a bit blurr (even at the center) and havea blue-ish tinge. The article is at

Personally, I find that if I shrink the picture down to 80% of the original size it looks much better on my PC.

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To Zygote,

Thanks for the reply! Would you be kind enough to mention whereabouts in the service manual I can read up on that? Page number will do. By the way you mean the manual that comes with the phone, don't you? Thanks!

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Guest: Tell you what, register with this forum so you have a proper name and then PM me

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Yeah I noticed that sorta myself, I think it just takes some tweaking and common sense eg....

On the weekend on my night out I took a heap of pictures, and some I wouldnt have minded keeping, you know jus tpics of ya mates doing stupid things or funny stuff, but yeah I was only using 'standard' and they all came out all snowy looking......

Yet some of them came out fine....

So I did some research and it turns out in areas that arent brightly lit, use the 'Night' option and what do you know, they come out all clear and everything.

But yes it just takes a bitta playing around with to get the hang of it, some more then others I guess since I have never actually owed a camera of any sort.
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i've played with the mca-20 and i could not get that sort of pictures from it and it required so much more light than the 7650 shown in the mobile burn review. I think the 7650 is much better to use.

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That's an interesting observation! wondering why the mobile burn comparison indicates the MVC 20 as the winner for quality although no tampering was done with the pictures as stated in the review. The 7650 might have a better light reader/sensor than the MVC 20, perhaps easier to use too, but the photo quality goes to MVC 20. I cant believe Nokia have fitted a lower quality lens in 7650, I don't believe that's how Nokia works! Maybe a software problem?
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