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Sx1 v 6600

Hi guys,

I realise you may be biased, but can you suggest the pros and cons of the 2 phones please. I can get the 6600 free at the moment on upgrade, or pay 70 for the SX1. I believe the screen is better on the 6600, and the SX1 has MP3 and radio. But what about speed, stability etc etc


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Of the top of my head, the main difference is SX1 uses Symbian OS 6.1, much better J2ME compatibility. the 6600 uses Symbian OS 7.0s.

Of course, the 6600 has a egualr keypad.
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Originally Posted by JimBob
Hi guys,

I realise you may be biased, but can you suggest the pros and cons of the 2 phones please. I can get the 6600 free at the moment on upgrade, or pay ?0 for the SX1. I believe the screen is better on the 6600, and the SX1 has MP3 and radio. But what about speed, stability etc etc

I have bouth of the phones
I think SX1 is mach better than 6600
6600 have so much problam~~It is like a toy~maybe~

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6600 MONO speakers, mp3 sounds bad... wav tones sounds just as bad!!
SX1 stereo speakers. mp3 sounds good... wav as well.

6600 no built radio, only radio software using gprs (not worth)
Sx1 built in radio.... better..

6600 on os7. sx1 on os6.
both has pros and cons.
6600 THEMES, sx1 none.

Both has not much software written specially for it. not all softwares frm 0s6 will work on sx1. or the 6600.

But the sx1 camera has built in 4 times zoom.
6600 2 times zoom, awful when zoomed.
(i had the 6600 b4 )

Unlimited recording software available for sx1. None for 6600....

overall nokia may be more stable when installin incompatible s/w.
coz my sx1 died a few times!!
sx1 when with system error will not boot up. Thus u will not be able to format the fone or restore orginal settings.
6600 i never had that as a problem even when installing or trying s/w thats wont work.

So if u'r gonna get the sx1.... pls pls watch the thread done by memphis on COMPATIBLE softwares and games.
U wont GO WRONG THERE.....
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9 points and a verdict!!


Firstly i don't know if this thread is outdated etc.. because both phones are old, but since i came accross and being an owner of 6600 and presently SX1, here are my opinions on both:

1. Mp3: If you want to listining to mp3, you have no choise but to go for the sx1. a software mp3 player on 6600 cannot deliver stereo and you have to actually listen to it to know how bloody crap it sounds, i cannot possibly imagine anyone who would go through the pain of listining to mp3s on the 6600.

2. FM radio: supported by sx1, but not buy 6600. I though, do not find the Fm quality as good as the nokia 6230 that my bro owns. i have not tried another sx1 model to reconfirm this.

3. Software: No... all softwares supported on the 6600 may not work on the sx1. if you want max. software support amoungst the two models, then you have to go for the 6600. But frankly, its nothing like the pc, all softwares are really poorly made and most of them have bugs that you will so evidently find... so in my very very serious advice, don't buy a phone thinking of the softwares you can put into it, rather buy it based on the standard package that comes with it which will always be refined and minimum bugged one. I guarentee that you WILL regret it if you chose otherwise. Also, i feel the 6600 handles 3rd party software caused issues better than the sx1. i had to quite a few times pull out the battery of the sx1. Therefore, on an ending note, both the phones are somewhat similar with the sx1 having a slightly better standard package and the 6600 showing more stability and wider support for 3rd party software. i know many will say that both are series60 and symbian os.. but hey.. try it and you will know that many softwares do not work on the sx1... at least as well as it does on the 6600.

4. OS: One thing i miss about the 6600 is its support for themes. sx1 being symbian os 6.1 does not support that while the symbian os 7.0 of the 6600 does. also the better stability of the 6600 may come from am updated series60 version. but if you don't mess the sx1 with incombatible softwares etc.. it works just GREAT.

5. MMC: Firstly, the built in memory won't serve you shit. so don't buy the phone taking which has more built in memory into aspect. if you want extra softwares, games, videos, wallpapers, screensavers, ringtones, wav files (as ringtones), mp3 (for sx1) etc... you will have to go for extra memory.... and if you don't want to use any of these features well, then don't waste your money on either of these phones, go for a cheaper simpler one. Now, getting down to business, the sx1 sports a hot swapable mmc slot. This can be handy if you keep extra cards with your favorite set of music that you can swap to listen based on your mood. the 6600 has a very poor design in this aspect.

6. Camers: The sx1 his 4x zoom while the 6600 has only a 2x. personally, i am more happier with the 4x zoom. Also, the s1 has automatic exposure adjustment which the 6600 does not have... you will be amazed at the quality of photos that you can take with the sx1 under various lighting conditions.. in my opinion a definite winner as compared to the 6600 in this department. in 6600, you can set to night mode manually ofcourse.. so that kinda solves the problem much.

7. Battery Life: It basically depends on how and for what you use the phone, and myself having used the 6600 and the sx1 the same way, the sx1 has an evidently better battery life as compared to the 6600. You would find agreeing info elsewhere on the net also. surprisingly, i believe that the 6600 advertises a longer life than the sx1..hmmmm.. marketing ways...

8. Banality: the 6600 is so very common, every third person i see now has the phone. There is no image or feeling of uniqueness when you carry that phone, but with the sx1, it being much more expensive and with a look of elegance, you command a littly more respect than the 6600.

9. Price: sx1 is considerably more expensive as compred to the 6600.. i just cant understand why though?? If you feel the extra is worth paying for an excellent quality mp3 player, the fm radio, and a different phone that every guy around the corner does not have, then its the sx1. personally, it gives me the satisfaction of having a more superior, elegent, and sophisticated phone every time i see someone with the 6600 (pls, no offense to 6600 users).

Verdict: If you ask me if the sx1 is worth paying so much extra for, i would outright say NO (except if you listen to mp3 and fm radio, which i almost all the time do when i walk out alone). The 6600 is a great phone for the money and sx1's price tag is a more than what it actually deserves.. But, if you have more money to spend.. you will be a happier person with the sx1. if not, then you may as well convince yourself that the 6600 is equally good (which it kinda really is). And yes, if you can handle a little more bulkier phone, then the p910i is a much better in all aspects:-)

Hope this info was useful,

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The 6600 is so cheap now because it is being phased out - you can't buy it from an Orange shop (I have asked).

My local T-mob store still wants 50 for a 6600, whereas O2 will do one for free; the SX1 would cost me 50. For me, the SX1 is worth the extra.

The P900 is an equal second choice, tied with the 7610 and O2 XDA II. The P900 is crippled by the expensive memory stick duo support (only up to 128meg storage - the SX1 can go up to 1 gig).

The 7610 is fine, but does lousy on gaming support (N-Gage anyone?) and MP3, well beaten by the SX1.

The XDA II looks pretty good, but would look silly stuck on my head (although I do have a HS810 bluetooth headset).


6600, sx1

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