All About Symbian - Nokia (S60) and Sony Ericsson (UIQ) smartphones unwrapped

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3GPP Philips Camcoder for Series 60

The Philips Camcoder is a high quality audio video encoder and player for the Nokia 7650 and 3650 mobile handset. It provides real-time audio video grabbing and encoding in the MPEG-4/H263 video format as specified by the 3GPP standard. It is fully integrated into phone application environments such as MMS, BT, IR and e-mail.. Videos can be stored in the handset and transferred to PCs to be played back without any additional converter: enjoy recorded videos on all 3GPP compliant players such as but not limited to Philips Platform4 PC Player and Apple Quicktime 6.3!

Audio Video Specification

Run-time selection of video encoding standard MPEG-4 SP / H.263
AMR-NB audio grabbing
Run-time selection of video quality setting : High, Medium, Low
Run-time selection of frame rate: 5 fps, 7.5 fps, 10 fps, 12.5 fps, 15 fps
Run-time selection of frame size: QQVGA, sQCIF
General Features
Captured audio video clips can be saved as 3GPP (.3gp) files in phone memory or Memory Stick
Simultaneous audio video recording
Output file size is compatible with MMSC : 50, 75, 100, 150 kB
Start, Pause, Resume, Stop commands while capturing

Play back

Playback of 3GPP files attached to MMS and e-mail or downloaded from a WAP page
Full screen mode
Audio video lip synch
Video album with thumbnails supporting functionality such as Play, Rename, Copy, Delete, Copy to/from MMC, Clip details, Send as -
Captured 3GP files can be attached to MMS and e-mail or sent via IR or Bluetooth

Requirements: 1MB of RAM and 500K of storage

You can download the trial or buy it for 19.95 here

Bug thanks to willbrady for the tip!

Please don't PM me with something that belongs in the forums.Search first,then ask.

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anyone have a problem w/ this on a nokia 3660 ?

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the sound is cut at the middle or just after few seconds of playback of the recorded video... how come this happens on the 3660? is it also happening on 3650? the version of my camcoder is 3.7.4... does it have something to do w/ firmware version 4.57 on 3660?

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Angry Same problem

Originally Posted by n-force^
the sound is cut at the middle or just after few seconds of playback of the recorded video... how come this happens on the 3660? is it also happening on 3650? the version of my camcoder is 3.7.4... does it have something to do w/ firmware version 4.57 on 3660?
i m also hvin the same problem if u somehow solve kindly let me know

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Hi guys. I have observed the behaviour of this app for some time. Apparently, you should restart your phone before using it to make sure that the audio gets recorded. I use AppMan to restart my phone because it's faster (no need to re-enter your PIN code). Please let me know if this trick works for you guys.

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I found some sites

Full mobile movies

File, Task and Memory Managers

FExplorer - File Manager -
Switcher - Task Manager -
TaskSpy - Task Manager with CPU load and free memory display
Memory Monitor -


Avantgo Sync Information off the Internet -
Sync - Sync phone info with a server,3650,00.html


MobiPocket eBook Reader -
ReadM - eBook Reader -


JJKeyLock - Automatic KeyLock -


PhotoJotter -Photograph Database -
Animation Viewer - Animation Viewer -
RGB Tester - Test Colors -

Bemused - Control music collection via Bluetooth -
Ogg - Music Player -

NameSwap - Swaps contacts First and Last names -
Contacts Transfer - from phone to phone -


Forward - Send in Inbox messages -
Putty - SSH Client -
Agile Messenger - Instant Messenger -
Weather - Current worldwide weather -
Jabber Client -
Papla Instant Messenger - Jabber Client -
Telnet Floyd - Telnet client -
Floyd SSH - SSH client -
VNC2Go - VNC Client Viewer -
Mail++ - Email Client -
Azure - Blog client -
SendSMS - Send cheaper and flash SMS -
Avantgo -
SendFax - Send faxes free of charge -
Email - Send and receive email -
ChatReader - Chat program -

UKFlights - Gets UK arrivals/departures -

TripMate - Helps remember directions -
MetroNavigator - for Moscow and Munich -

Shopping List -
Odysseus - Checklist program -
HView - File viewer -

Password protect information -
MMCPwd - Restore your MMC Password -
OTPGen - Password generator -


PocketCounter - Timer -
Egg Clock - Timer -
StopWatch - Timer -
Punch - Time tracker -
TeaTimer -Timer -
GlobalTime - World Time -

Vexed - Puzzle Game -
Doom - Port -
Xedious - Arcade game -
Yahtzee - Classic game -
TripplePop - Game -,3650,00.html
Bombz - Minesweeper clone -
Triz Tetris clone -
Bounce - Game -,3650,00.html
Crystal Pop - Game -
CardDeck - Card Game -,3650,00.html
TapTaTop - Game -
SameGame - Puzzle Game -
Queens - Checkers and Jumpers board games -
Frozen Bubble - Game -
The Journey - Adventure game -
Lines - in a row type game -
Freemines - Minesweeper game -;ProjectID=4
MammothHunter -'Find it' style game -
Wordix - Tetrix like game with words -
ZombieMansion - Platform game -
VideoPoker - Card Game -
Blackjack - Card Game -
Swarm - Galaxian Style Game -
Kwoki - Collect all the eggs -
Tower of Hanoi - Game -

GoBoy GameBoy Emulator -
fMSX - MSX Emulator -
Frodo - Commodore 64 home computer emulator -

MicroCalc - Scientific Calculator -
Scientific Calculator Programming Calculator -
Calcium - Fast, easy to use calculator -
mjCalculator -

Econometer - Analyses expenses -

Wireless18 - Golf Scorecard -

Torch - Use screen as a torch -
Interference - Screensaver -
Bluetooth Printing - Print via Bluetooth -,3650,00.html
SysInfo - system Information -
SPMark - Performance measurement -

Dictionary - English & Russian
Inek - Multiple languagedictionaries -
Reference - Multi dictionary online lookup -

SynthTec - Synthesizer

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Is this software valid for 6680?


3gpp, camcoder, philips, series

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