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Symbian HW


I'd like to learn a lil' bit more abt the hardware on which Symbian runs...particularly the mobile chipset - it's specifications, speed, etc. Being a complete newbie I wanna knw how mobile phone CPUs differ from my pc's CPU...How many Nokia 6600 CPUs does it take to match the processing power of 1 P3 833 Mhz machine?

Whats' the dope on Emblaze's ER4525, touted as "the leading IC for mobile application processors"?

Can any1 help?
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6600s CPU is 104mhz

Doesnt seem a lot but when you consider my old 386 was 16mhz and that used to run Win 3.1 then it is rearlly for a phone environment.

Programs today are not programmed to utalise the full hardware ehnce why we have this explodion of ridicously powerfull CPUs which are far more than whats needed in the averge pc. It seems to be cheeaper to upgrade than make efficient programs.

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Wow! that does put things into perspective...However, I was wondering about the peripheral synergies that come together to drive the speed in a pc such as ram, fsb, etc...Is that present too in the mobile architecture?

I guess my question is still unanswered: Does 106 mhz in a mobile handset == 106 mhz in a pc?
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Does the 1.8 Ghz on a Athlon XP == 1.8 Ghz on a Intel P4?

Its a different architecture,so i don't think you can easly compare.I can tell you that the 104 Mhz on the N-Gage are quite a lot,look at fifa 2004 or THPS.If you want to learn about the ARM architecture you can visit

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