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Update: Ximplify myList Pro 3.5

I've never hidden the fact that I love MyList Pro by Ximplify, and now it is even better.... and boy is it better! Just check out this list of improvements that make it well worth the investment......
Save List as HTML (Dynamic HTML, without Memo)

Generate web pages (Two frame with memo view)

Memo now included in the Save List as CSV & Text File

Save list as formatted EPOC Word (with memo)

Memo View :- EPOC Word Import/Export, Plain Text type file import/export, Export as HTML Page (CSS Support), shirtcut to import current date and time string.

Preferences: Every list has its own UI settings

Send list via Infrared

Unregistered user is allow to use myList as a List Viewer with ability to open & save the file attachment[/list:u]

So, it looks like Ximplify has looked at my wish-list of extra features and said "that list is too small!". The HTML functionality is outstanding and offers a level of Web site manageability that some desktop application could do with noticing.

For an example of the practial application of this now extremely powerful piece of software (only with IE at the moment), check this and this for an example of what you can now achieve (If the links don't work, hang five, I'm about to go to work for a late shift and I just had to get this posted - and I hope nobody will be offended by the religious nature of these demonstrations pages, but it does show how powerful the software is and it's all I have that I can share publicly at the moment. Needless to say, if this was available when I was running Mobile Musings, things could have been different there)!

It can be purchased from here for only $30 * (affiliate link).

If you're upgrading from a previous version, leave some time for your existing records to be converted the first time you open them. After this takes place, they will open as normal.

* For a limited time only, the price is $21! So get it quick!


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I've upgraded too!


Totally agree with TANKERx. I just upgraded my v3 to v3.5. Incredible amount of stuff they crammed into the app. It's my fav app for the 9210 - now its the quickest notetaker I've ever had.

I was surprised as you when I read the interview that Ximplify regretted doing myList instead of myLife. I was thinking oh oh they are abandoning it. Surprise! v 3.5 now, even better! myList is my life! Where would I be without it?

Like you I cannot even start to describe what I use it for. Notetaking obviously, safe place for all my secret stuff, embed all my secret Word and Sheet documents since with myList you can password protect it, faxing & emailing myList of instructions back to others. I can hardly wait to use the html export for the office now so much easier to get the message across.

Thanks Ximplify!


Ps: thanks for allowing the unregistered users use it as a viewer!

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Thanks for comments


Thanks for the great comments. And yes I retract my comments on WirelessDevNet about regretting doing Ximplify myList.

Pete - your use of myList to password protect your documents is quite original. Never thought of it ourselves, which goes to show much we appreciate user feedback!

In version 3.5 we put a lot of effort in the following areas:

1. improving the "communication" capabilities of myList - after all whats the use of having a list of items, or minutes of meetings etc if you cannot share it with someone else - hence the save as Word, html functions. The ability of non-registered users to view lists from registered users is part of the sharing / communication philosophy. We would have inadvertently been penalising our users if we did not have the "viewer" function.

2. we re-examined (again from users feedback) how our users were using myList. It turns out that a lot of them had at least a few myList files where they used the Memo view intensively (a bit like Jotter from the Psion). Again we did some modifications to enhance access to the function.

A small request from those of you buying Ximplify myList. Instead of purchasing directly from Ximplify, please use Ralf's Handango affiliate link. You will enjoy the same pricing, but Ralf gets some much needed funding for this excellent site. Where would we all be without AllAboutER6?



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More to the point, where would be we be without developers willing to embark on a 2-way relationship with their user base? Three cheers not only for the upgrade, but the reasoning behind it as well!

MyList (and a similar application I used on the Series 3a called Topix) is proving to be very useful on my machine, and the export functions in 3.5 are lifting it up into the 'must have' category.

In terms of 'off the wall' uses for MyList, can I add 'doing reviews for AAE" on MyList. Using the categories allows me to break down all the areas I want to cover, then sub divided maybe two or three times to get to a level where memo can be used. After that an export to Word to tidy i up, and the next review is up.

And yes, I'll see about a MyList in depth review shortly. :-)
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I guess you mean "Rafe" instead of "Ralf"

You can find a (simple) AllAboutEr6 Review for mylist by tankerx. here
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Sync with PC?


Is there any way to edit myList entries with PC? The lists can be saved to the clipboard and then to a sheet form (or word document or whatever), but the colums don't quite stay as they should. If I go on to edit them in Excel in my PC, is there a way to import the file back to MyList?


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