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Has anyone connected TDK USB Bluetooth adaptor to 6600 and working?

As the subject says.

My phone finds my pc but is not able to pair with it.
I sometimes get the error 'Handsfree bluetooth mobile profile is not supported'.

I have now installed it onto 2 machines. Also, if I install the nokia pc suite after, when I check the mrouter icon in systray, all that I am offered is infra-red 'not connected'. I do not get the option of bluetooth. AND, if I click on the 'Nokia Connection manager' I get the message 'Media Tyoe not supprted' when clicking on the bluetooth icon.

I have also emailed TDK support.

Any ideas?

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There should not be a problem with pairing. If you initiate pairing from the phone you should get a popup balloon from the bluetooth icon in the system tray telling you a passcode is required. Click the bluetooth icon and a dialog box appears for you to enter the passcode.

mRouter only seems to support Windows Native bluetooth, to use it with the Widcomm software that comes with the TDK you need to use a virtual serial port.

In "My Bluetooth Places" choose "bluetooth services" and check which port the serial service is using.

Right-click mRouter, choose properties and select that com port from the list. This will make mRouter listen on that port for an incoming connection.

In My bluetooth places go to "view devices in range" and select the 6600. Initiate a serial port connection.

You will create a connection to the phone, which will last about half a second. The phone will drop the connection and make one back to the PC. You should get another balloon telling you a connection is being made and mRouter should start flashing.

When mRouter shows a green and blue connector joined together you can use pc suite to access the phone.


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Thanks Edd (i'm nearly there),

The mrouter is now showing blue and green, even though I had an error message saying connection had failed.
But, now I am getting an error when entering PC Suite. It keeps asking for a name (which I can't change later), but everything I type in is useless as it keeps asking for a valid name???
I have tried all lower case etc, all numbers etc.. Gah!

Any ideas?

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I have a BAFO USB adaptor, mine works fine.

I did the following :

1- in your PC right-click Bluetooth in systray
select setup
select security

then search for devices (Refresh), when you find your mobile in [Found Devices] click on it and click Execute Pairing>>

2- You will see a pop-up window [Bluetooth Passkey Request], with your device Name and a prompt for Passkey.

3- Enter any number.

4- in your mobile you will see a message [Bluetooth Pass code for ******]
****** is the name you gave to your PC.

5- make sure you enter the same numbers.

6- the hole proceduer is time limited, if you take long time you have to do it again.

7- your mobile will move now to [Paired Devices] in Pc and you will see your PC name in Paired Devices in your mobile [ select Bluetooth >> Paired devices]

8- I recomend you set your Pc as authorized.

9- In Pc, goto Bluetooth >>Services>> Bluetooth Serial Prot >> Other devices>> select your mobile >> connect.


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