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[New] Simeda releases SMSXtender for P800

SMSXtender is a small (12.8k) J2ME application that allows you to send SMS messages to destinations all over the world for just 0.07/message. It also allows you to "tweak" your SMS messages in ways that are impossible from a regular phone:

1. You can alter the phone number that the message appears to have come from. Want to play tricks on your friends? Send them messages that appear to have come from their own phone number or from their girlfriends.
2. You can even set an alphanumeric sender id (a name). It is limited to 12 characters, but that's enough to send a message from J. Lopez to a Jennifer Lopez fan

3. You can send Flash SMS messages that are instantly displayed on the receiver's phone. The receiver doesn't have to press any buttons to read your message, it just pops up on their screen.

Your purchase includes 10 initial credits. If you need more, you can purchase packs of 100 credits here or directly from Handango here.
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