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Looking for video encoding help...

Hey all. A couple weeks ago, I would be encoding videos using an old copy of Real Producer G2. Here's what I did:

1. Record the cartoon "Ed Edd and Eddy" from satellite to my computer using an ATI PCI Wonder card. Record into standard MPEG 1 (VCD) format.

2. Use VirtualDub to convert and resize from MPEG to .AVI. Now, I forgot exactly which codec I used, but it certainly wasn't Divx.

3. Used RealProducer G2 to convert from AVI to .RM.

I have 2 episodes on my phone that came out just perfectly with minimal lag and great quality. BUT, after a reinstall of Windows, Real Producer G2 and everything else, every video I've tried to copy has been really REALLY jerky as hell and the audio is off sync. As far as I can remember, I'm using the same settings EXCEPT for the codec setting from MPEG to AVI. This is important because of the copy of Real Producer G2 that I have. It only opens AVI files. It tells me I need to upgrade to the PRO version to be able to open MPEG files.

AND NOW, lately, it's started to crash on me whenever I try to start and encode a video file in any other codec other than Cinepak or DIVx. But both of those codecs, no matter what the target audience in Real Producer G2 produce horrible videos.

Please please help!! I just got a 128 MB card and want to fill it to the BRIM with Ed Edd and Eddy episodes!!! Using HELIX producer 9 is out of the question because the Real One player on my phone doesn't like Real 9...


Is there some alternative program out there? Like some freeware (NOT ASKING FOR WAREZ HERE. NOTE THAT I ASKED FOR FREEWARE) or even an old copy of Real Producer 8 basic that I can download? (NOTE: REAL PRODUCER BASIC VERSIONS WERE ALWAYS FREE FOR DOWNLOAD).

Thanks in advance.

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this could help

Try "Nokia Multimedia Converter 1".
Personnaly I use this converter because I really hate Helix 9.
Just google for it or use a filesharing client.
When you got it,
try this values for encoding:

actual: 88x64 (or something like that) [it's just halfsize of displayed resolution.
displayed: 176x128
15 fps

if you have further questions on this topic,
you can mail to removed

so I'll have a closer look to this prog at home to give you more detailed information

hav phun, an be straight.

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There is no need to download Nokia Multimedia Convertor from some Virus++ file sharing software because its free and you can get it from Nokia's website.

meerkatzukin,Nokia's multimedia convertor is the only freeware video encoding software for Symbian phones.Try encoding videos that you have alrady tried with good playback results and see if you have the same problems.Maybe you are having problems with the source video.You can also try to encode the video in a Uncompressed RGB format and the encode it with Real Producer G2.

Please don't PM me with something that belongs in the forums.Search first,then ask.


encoding, video

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