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My MSI USB Key + 3650

Okay, so I got the package with the beautiful little MSI today. I install it, it seems to install fine, well, it b0RkS up and gives error messages.. so, before you reply with a complete HOWTO, I already fixed this, just thought I'd post my own experiences.

First off, I reinstalled about 5000 times, all sorts of drivers, everything from the packaged to the Tecom, and nothing worked.. so I came here.. (doh, I should've done that from the beginning).

What I found was the topics about the "remote device disconnected" and the COM0 issues.. well, I fiddled and played for.. well, what seemed forever, until...UNTIL:

- I unchecked all COMs in mRouter except COM4 (which seems to be the standard COM for the BT program in my computer, may differ for other people?)

- I tried to connect, got the error, and the usual nothing happened.

- I started to uncheck and check COM3 in mRouter repeatedly, mainly because I was annoyed and already giving up after hours of slamming my head into my desk

- Poof, suddenly it send away a request to my phone, I Yes:ed it, and it connected perfectly, Nokia suite caught it, and Everything worked beautifully from there.

File uploads downloads backups and Surfing/ICQ/wIrc etc etc worked perfectly at once.

This forum is a perfect place to tune in for your troubleshooting, and I just wanted to thank you guys.

I still would like to know what the h*ll causes this problem though :P well, guess I'm asking for too much.

- Happy 3650 user bluetoothing into sleep.


3650, key, msi, usb

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