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Old 09-02-2010, 06:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Jimmy1 View Post
From a former Nokia owner (a 6650 flip) and a current Motorola Droid user: the N97 is an awful phone; the mini is just 'okay' but not much better. They both hang a lot, are very slow, and the touchscreen response is middling, while S60v5 is just a mess.

I travel overseas to Europe from New York to visit family, so I've taken both of the N97 versions for a test drive.

Honestly, Nokia should be embarrassed for releasing such half-assed efforts onto the public, and this is coming from someone who thought that the E71 was one of the best phones Nokia ever released. Of course they went ahead and botched that up with the absolutely terrible E72, but that's another discussion...

The N86 is actually a pretty good phone, but my poor thumb joint ached at the thought of going back to T9 buttons only. If the N86 had a Palm Pre style portrait slide out qwerty, it would have been the bees knees.

I hope Nokia isn't hitching its hopes onto S60 for much longer. Yes, Nokia makes great throw-away dumbphones for second and third world countries, but currently, they can't make a good smartphone it seems.

And from their unwavering use of low powered ARM processors and 128 MB RAM chips in their phones, one would think that they bought warehouses full of those things back in 2002, and are absolutely determined to use every last one of them. That's the only explanation I can come up with for sticking them in every single phone Nokia releases.
The E72 is a terrible device??? Speak for yourself. Apart from RAM, I have not encountered a single issue on that phone and as we have seen, RAM can come with FW update.

Old 09-02-2010, 07:14 AM
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current nokia lineup is better or u can say best in low end phone like 5800,5530,5230 etc but worst in high end
but i do belive nokia will come back with bang just like n95
symbain os is far better and energy efficiant than any android or iphone
ya it lack some eyecandy
wait for symbian 3 i am sure every body will run back to symbian

Old 09-02-2010, 08:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I would have to say neither of the 2 phones. Time have passed and a 434mhz ARM11 cpu is just not acceptable anymore.
Oh really. So all you look for in a phone is CPU speed and nothing else. If this is true, then you are probably visiting the wrong website... you probably need or something similar...

Old 09-02-2010, 08:56 AM
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What them does that N97 use?

Hi. What theme does that N97 you tested have? Looks pretty cool.

Old 09-02-2010, 09:43 AM
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Originally Posted by widehead View Post
I don't see how giving advice is selfish. Far from it. I wouldn't want anyone else to be lumbered with such a hopeless device as the N97mini.

Get an N86 8MP! If the screen is too small or you must have touch (for God's sake WHY?!) get an iPhone. Waffle about a "delicate screen" or it being "too big" is nothing but empty hand-waving.

For the hard-of-thinking: the N97 mini is a disaster. Touch on the Nokia is dreadful. it is time consuming, counter productive, counter intuitive, pointless, bolted-on (badly) and totally unnecessary. Some brainless morons will tell you "there is no place for a non-touch device in 2010" or some other such idiocy. Touch is, in its current guise, nothing more than a fad. It's come and gone before. It'll need to change drastically if it's to stay this time.
Its your wording that is the problem, methinks.

But I agree though - Nokias Touch version of S60 is an utter abortion. Its a truly horrendous interface, although thankfully nowhere near as bad as WM.

Whoever designed the Nokia Touch UI needs some help - they really haven't got a clue. Sure, it works, but there is absolutely no elegance in the interface, no consistency.

Old 09-02-2010, 12:35 PM
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In my opinion thereīs this good options out there if you prefer a touch screened efficient and powerful device:

1. HTC HD2 (sadly no qwerty).
2. HTC Touch Pro 2 (the optimum qwerty device).
3. Nokia N900 (also an optimum qwerty device).

Nokia has pushed S60 too far with 5th Edition. S60 is very good in a T9 device - I mean itīs created for classic T9 phone styled devices. Within the touch segment itīs very dumb (on the same way as the iPhone which I consider a toy with hopeless users). Comparing the S60v5 with UIQ and S90 (Hildon) on the Symbian platform clearly shows how wrong it is to create a touch UI from a one handed viewpoint.

S90/Hildon UI is still with us - in the N900. N900 is the best Nokia touchscreen device released since the 7710.

The N900 is better than the N97/Mini in every aspect. The only drawback is the lack of tilting screen.

The N900 has a more powertful Maemo platform with a better UI than the S60v5.

Another option is the HTC Touch Pro 2. From a PDA point of view itīs much more powerful than the N97/Mini. And itīs a very well built device.

For now the HTC Touch Pro 2 and Nokia N900 is the most interesting touch screened devices out on the market.

If you can live without a touch screen the Nokia E90 is a better device than the N97.

Old 09-02-2010, 03:51 PM
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Hi, cosidering this is a review of the phones with CURRENT firmware and not release, I find some of the comments somewhat irrellivent and over the top. I'm an N97 user and after all the hard work and software updates I am now happy. Used mini, it's fine, but I do use a lot of the mass memory and prefer the bigger screen, noth for viewing pics/video and web browsing, also the size difference may seam minimal between the two, but for 'fat fingers' the dial/txt pad is much easier to use. I think the whole form factor of the phones is the best on the market, you've got the best of both worlds with touch and qwerty, and the angle of the tilt screen is very convienient. Also every phone will not suite every user, and people who prefer fruit based products should thoroughly enjoy them, but to the best of my knowledge the iPhone is a product in the category Nothing About Symbian !
Great review Steve, love the Phone show and find you an amusing and informative twitterer

Old 10-02-2010, 02:12 AM
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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Hi. What theme does that N97 you tested have? Looks pretty cool.
it's the official symbian world theme. You can get it here

Old 10-02-2010, 07:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
owning an n95-3 before my n97 NAM, i came to the conclusion to just wait it out if u own one of the great N95s (basically any none n95-1). Otherwise, buy any other cortez a8 phone or any of the e-series, because they all come with enough ram and storage to handle any task and still retain stability. Something is seriously wrong with s60v5 on the n97, ram leaks and all.
I partially take back what I said here - after upgrading to firmware 21, I can definitively say that RAM leaks are pretty much due to Opera Mobile 10 beta. I seem to be able to keep myself around 47MB-51MB free RAM after opening and closing a few apps (Profimail, podcasting, mobbler, ebooks, games, browserNG, etc) and making a few calls. Actually v21 seems rather stable now, but the phone is SLIGHTLY more sluggish now. I'd take a little pause over speedy and instability anyday. But I still kinda prefer my N95-3 over the N97, but just slightly more now. I never touched the mini, but now I kinda wonder why would anyone technically pick the mini over the classic. N97 classic finally looks very stable with nice freebies like free Ovi Maps and cooler apps from betalabs.But I miss Snakes

Old 10-02-2010, 03:28 PM
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I'm not sure how you can recommend either of these phones without being disingenuous, especially after just writing an article about the efforts you have to go through to manage the RAM including using RAMBlow.

It basically comes down to value for money and both devices are not worth the money, you just have to look at some other phones in the same price bracket to see that the Nokia offerings are inferior in pretty much every way.

Given my experience with the N97, I wouldn't even recommend it to my worst enemy.

Old 11-02-2010, 01:57 PM
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s60 and n97

both phones are dumb with dumb soft

both have most dirtiest screen resolution , phone outlook looks ugly even after furnishing offcourse very late firmware with very little useful update kinetic scrolling is that useful enogh where is the multitouch and where is the kick ass apps which apple , and recent nexus one , and navigation is just free so is this exclusive for only n97 and mini .
and the most ennoying is n97 mini is avail at much cheaper than classic but they are just identical in every spec this has become habbit for nokia they keep on fucking customers with their fucking stategy my cousin recently bought 5530 music edition when i compare them both are identical except some camera and littile resolution

come on nokia and symbian atleast start thinking from now act fast bring some kick ass phones with some exclusive platforms like android apple

Old 20-04-2010, 12:43 AM
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Angry Over dramatic My Anus!

Over dramatic My Anus! stop being a Nokia Ass kisser! The phone performs exactly how he described it and I'm sick to death of people like yourself playing it down!

and while I'm at it let me add a few more things.

1. The camera flash transfers light through the plastic in front of the lens and not only does it screw up the metering; all shots taken in low light have the addition of having the left side of photos drowned out. Something which because of A-holes like yourself (who clam its fine) has still not been address by Nokia!

2. The Browser Crashes all the time because there is not enough Memory On C:\.

3. The Phone IS laggy because it does not have 3D acceleration. furthermore because of the exact same reason playing DivX or Avi Files is Horrible unless you Convert the files to play on the Device.
Now Is a good time to Inform you that I didn't Have this Problem with My Treo 650, 700 or 780.
I could play just about every AVI or Divix file I threw at it.

Old 18-05-2010, 03:11 PM
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Nice idea - poor execution

I really regret getting this phone. I though t it was going to be an ideal smartphone with its mini-keyboard and touch screen, but its a big disappointment. The battery life is pretty poor. With heavy, but not excessive use, it won't last 12 hours. The number of apps available is poor compared to rivals and Nokia's OVI software is buggy, slow and freezes my PC.

On plus side the map application is prettty good, but keeps insisting on connecting to internet even when map is downloaded onto phone

It recently froze up meaning I had to hard reset it losing all my settings and some software I'd purchased. Prior to that the application manager stopped working so I couldn't change software stettings.

To top it all tracks I've bought from Nokia music store won't play any more - says licence is invalid even though all the tracks are recorded as bought in my purchase history. Tracks bought from Amazon play fine.

This is the last Nokia phone I'll be buying. And I'll not be buying any more music or software from Ovi.


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