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On my 5800 it looks incredible, but it keeps crashing with "memory full errors", even when running it on it's own, which is disappointing. The previous Beta Version 5 didn't give me as many "out of memory" errors.

As anyone else experienced these errors?
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when will it have a update of supporting chinese?

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Interesting - If I use Opera Mobile 10 in turbo mode to access the BBC mobile news web page it goes to a "/i" (International?) home page where there are no options to personalise the home page (The options are there without turbo).

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That is because in turbo mode, the content will go through Opera's server in Norway to be compressed (like in Opera Mini). BBC's servers will see the data request originating from Norway, therefore serve the international version of BBC. This also happens in Opera Mini.

BTW, I got a score of 100/100 in Acid3 on my E55.

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I also got an ACID3 score of 100/100 on my N97. The render was as good as identical to the reference when executed in landscape - the reason why the boxes are incorrecly positioned is screen width I believe.

N.B. This isn't a pass - the animation has to be smooth to pass.

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If you're hoping to have some background music playing on your phone while you browse with Opera, then think again. Opera Mobile is a return to the day of one app running per phone.
Huh? I never got any out of messages error, so I though I'd do a little test. At the moment I have the following apps running on my N82:

- Opera Mobile (with Arstechnica, Gizmodo and BBC open)
- Maps
- Youtube (playing - actually it stops if I put the app on the background, but it resumes nicely if I bring it back up)
- Gmail
- ProfiMail
- NGage client (not playing)
- Music player (playing)
- Wireless Keyboard app (connected to an SU 8W)
- Messaging app
- S60 Browser (with Dabr)
- Connection mannager app

No low memorry messages, at all (heh, I should have tried the Ovi Store client too). Everything seems reasonably snappy actually.


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opera 10

I download Opera 10 on to my laptop an its brilliant an never slow ,an its the one thing to download if you broadbands slow

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How about at Nokia E90

I try to run Opera Mobile 10 into my Nokia success instaling...but when im trying to browse from inner screen it can't show turns to square....all of words...its weird,does anyone had same problem with me...???

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N82, N95 8gb users wont have memory issues. Can have Opera 10 and a few other apps running on my N79 but Ram falls well below 15mbs. No memory errors yet on the N79 though.

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Just a note on Acid test, the test itself is not immune from bugs, and it's very existence may, (and has) lead to browser manufacturers performing 'hacks' to make their browser 'more compliant'. That's the great thing about standards, there are so many to choose from..

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Low memory on 5800 and N97

If you get low memory warnings with Opera Mobile 10 beta, check out the tips here: I've tried it, seems to improve things a bit.

N82 user who commented previously: N82 has much more memory than 5800 and N97.


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Great app but gets really hard on RAM... On my E90 uses about 50MB of it.
In addition in open mode space bar works as "1" and "0" as space.... bizzare

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The touchscreen on the 5800 gives Opera a chance to use their non-standard on-screen keyboard rather than the one built into the device. This is a missed opportunity because people will feel that the Opera solution is just 'wrong' rather than different. I suspect the reason is that Opera can keep the same code base over multiple platforms, but not using the built-in input options is one area where I think Opera have made a mistake.

- This is wrong. Settings-Advanced-Inline editing-Off. And you can use standart keyboard.

To my mind "out of memory" - this is mistake greedy Nokia, but not the Opera. In my Samsung i8910 with 256 mb memory i have not this problem. This is the best browser for my device!

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also got 100 out of 100 on my n97 in the acid test. I have got a few out of memory errors today when I had opera and gravity running which we know are both memory hogs however even though I got the message, it did not cause anything to shut down and the programs I was opening, opened anyways despite the messages. Personally I can not fault opera 10 as it has me using my n97 again where prior I had gone and bought and used iphone for all my browser needs because of the poor s60 browser.

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Originally Posted by MichielE View Post
N82 user who commented previously: N82 has much more memory than 5800 and N97.
That's kinda the point. A two year old handset performs better than the latest flagship. I don't think Opera is the one to blame.



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