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Old 15-09-2009, 07:50 PM
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This article isn't much use without links

Old 15-09-2009, 08:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Hardeep1singh View Post

You read my mind.

The best 3 apps are those that help you get apps free.

Old 15-09-2009, 09:08 PM
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Mobbler version 0.04(5) - It's free and it has a sleep timer (brilliant).
Google Maps
SMS Timer (so useful especially when one is underground).
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Old 15-09-2009, 09:47 PM
doc i8910hd
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3 apps I use

just to start my i8910hd does everting the iphone does plus has an 8 meg camera with hi def video. It also has an amazing amoled screen which blows the iphone away. Expandable memory I could go on flash built in gps fav apps are↲1. Seven for email brilliant used to use profimail but found seven integrates better with symbian.↲2. Mobipocket to read books please amazon start upgrading it.↲3. Joikuspot super for me on the road with unlimited data. 4. Hellox great to open things up. 5. Palringo great for me on msn 6. Handy taskman couldn't do without

Old 15-09-2009, 10:25 PM
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Three apps

Top three would be.
Sports Tracker
Google mail - push is good but sometimes need the archive
audio book reader

I also use Metro been too long out of London to do the tube in my head (did I really say I have been too long out of London!) and Nomad (Chiltern railways timetable with live update - great if you live on the line why don't other rail companies do this).
Google maps until Nokia find a sensible way of inputting pushpins (POI) the saving grace for Maps is the shared landmarks, find what you want on Sat or Streetview and behold there it is on Maps.

Old 16-09-2009, 01:06 AM
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I think this survey would be better if it was organized into product types. On some platforms there are probably 20 different twitter would be useful if we could see what people were using the most of on their respective devices, instead of looking at what their favorite application name is.

I use an iPhone. I have a bunch of games...but none of them are as good as the java backgammon game I used to have on my old S40 device. The more I think about it, the more I realize that I'm not interested in any app. Oh...except...

*Touch-screen English-Chinese/Chinese-English dictionary. If I didn't need this, I would not have a touchscreen phone.
*Illigal, hacked, un-paid version of Quickoffice. And I only need this because otherwise I cannot look at office docs outside of the web-browser and email. I could not even store it on my phone.
*Jailbreak+Cydia+Winterboard+SBSettings. Because my phone would not work where I live without Jailbreak, I would not have basic necessary controls without SBSettings (Cydia app), and I would not be able to use Lock Calendar without Cydia and Winderboard (which is also a Cydia app).

I imagine if I went back to 5800, my only critical apps would be a better dictionary application. The other things I need (calendar on homescreen, quickoffice, file browser, BT Keyboard drivers, etc) are already on the phone. Oh...and I would try to download a better backgammon application.

Old 16-09-2009, 05:03 AM
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Excellent article! Here are the programs I have installed on my 5800..... The ones with an "XXX" by them are the ones I can't live without. Notice that some of them are registered / pay-apps and MOST of them are either FREE on the 'net or from Nokia's "Download!" app.

XXX Slick IM (free)
XXX Google Maps (free)
XXX Opera Mini (free)
Digia@Web beta (free)
XXX Quickoffice for 5th ed (free) (Download!)
PDF Viewer 5th ed (free) (Download!)
XXX Zip for 5800 (free) (Download!)
XXX Nokia Wireless Keyboard App 3.2 (free from Nokia)
XXX Y-Browser Suite (free)
JoikuSpot Light (free) (Download!)
XXX Best Screen Snap S60v5 (free)
Qik (free)
XXX Phonetorch 5th (free)
XXX Free Unrar (free)
TweetsS60 (free)
PENCIL by JBak (free)
KeyLockClock (free)

I have NO use for a HUGE app store and think that most of the apps made recently are trash. FWIW, it's taken me years to come up with the few apps I DO use and KNOW they are good apps.


Old 16-09-2009, 05:46 AM
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1) Opera Mini
2) Profimail
3) Mobipocket Reader

If it were 5 apps,
4) Handy Taskman
5) Google Maps

Old 16-09-2009, 06:55 AM
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Web Link Mine

Hmm,three of my favorite applications is:x-plore,dictionary and ucweb(the web browser from China).

TTPOD,the music player;
Callmaster:A app that can show the callings' city;
MSN and QQ;

Old 16-09-2009, 07:07 AM
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My favourite six

Interesting. I only saw the tweet requesting votes this morning, so mine aren't included in the results, but for the record, they are (all available for Symbian 3rd and 5th edition), 4 of them cost money - and I want 6!:
  • BestProfiles Not only can this do profile switching (so my phone's automatically on Silent at night!), but the real killer feature (for me) is the ability to associate applications with a profile, and a profile with a charging status, as well as with times, calendar entries, and location. So, when I plug my phone into the car charger, it automatically starts up Google Maps and Music Player so Google Latitude keeps my partner up to date about where I am (unless I choose not to let it!), and I can listen to Podcasts (or music) via the car stereo. When I unplug it, Best Profiles know to shut down Google Maps to save battery - and because I'm probably not going very far anyway.
    Overnight, I have a special Profile whose sole purpose in life is to start up the Podcast app and download the latest podcasts for the next day's listening. Yes, I know I could leave Podcast running, but I got fed up of missing bits of Podcasts I ws listening to while it gave me an error message because it was failing to connect to my WiFi every hour.
  • Projekt Get rid of the dated default green stripy computer listing paper look, and it's great for shopping lists, to do lists, etc.
  • Handy Safe Well, I've got to agree with the rest about SOMETHING
  • Podcasting I listen to podcasts on my daily commute. Getting them to the phone with no computer involved is a piece of cake. Actually, that's a Nokia product, so I suppose it doesn't count as Third Party!
  • Mobipocket's MobiReader I can read a book anywhere, including at night, in bed, without disturbing my partner. Like Ewan, I'm a great eBook fan.
  • RemindMe I had a Motorola Razr once (until it broke, within warranty, and I got something else instead). One of the few things I liked about it was that it kept reminding you you'd had a text message, missed a phone call, etc. RemindMe does that for my Nokias.
Yes, I use TweetS60, Facebook, gMail, gCal, AccuWeather, HandyClock, HandyCalendar, Google Maps (with latitude), Sports Tracker, Ovi Maps, Screensnap, Pixelpipe, y-Browser, etc., and I absolutely love the fact that I can, but I could live without them.


Old 16-09-2009, 07:22 AM
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My three (since that seems to be the popular habit here...)

QReader, EasyEdit, and PuTTY, in that order. Storing, reading and writing loads of text on a widget I keep in my pocket is just hugely useful.

If three more were to be allowed, I would add gpfce, mobipad, and Python (I'm not a big fan of the language, but nothing beats being able to hack up a quick tool on your mobile).

If I were allowed to choose three applications that don't exist, leastwise to the best of my knowledge, I would say an SCP/SFTP client, an able onboard Lua development environment (or R5RS Scheme (JACAL ahoy!), or Forth (oh, beloved Quartus)... I would cheerfully trade a kidney or three for an S60 LispMe-alike, or a similar environment built around the still-larval LuaS60), and an NMEA GPS data logger that doesn't hammer my battery into limp, exhausted uselessness in a matter of hours.

(Why yes, I *do* keep a Bluetooth keyboard and a Wii remote in my please-don't-call-it-a-man-purse. Doesn't everyone?)

Old 16-09-2009, 07:23 AM
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1. Podcasting
2. Cute Keys
3. Factbook (CIA World Factbook)

Old 16-09-2009, 07:38 AM
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Three? If SmartConnect doesn't count (as it came with the handset) then it would be Cute Keys, SPB Wallet and Google Maps.

As it happens, I only have five applications on purpose - the above plus StyleTap...

Old 16-09-2009, 09:55 AM
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1 Paint Pad - Everywhere I go I like to sketch and draw. Paint Pad is just like M$ Paint and is currently the best there is for S60. But it sucks compared to Brushes on the devilPhone. Anyone know any S60 developers with nothing to do? Get them to make a killer drawing app for S60v5, there is a MASSIVE underground art movement on Flickr and they are all using the devilphone.

2 Photo Browser - I want to browse and view my artwork. The Nokia 5800 "Comes with Crappy Media Browser", but the team at Nokia Labs have created this app. And it's awesome.

3 EasyWiFi - manages your WiFi connections. When the keys are 64 characters long with weird characters and you are UNABLE to copy and paste it in the standard settings page, then EasyWiFi will sort you out. I need this to upload my art to the interweb.

Old 16-09-2009, 02:13 PM
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There is one application that I think all of you are missing out which I believe is one of the best apps ever created for S60 3rd edition phones. And it's TTPOD 3.50. You gotta install it guys. It replaces the dull and boring S60 music player with a user interface. Here's the link.


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