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Nokia 5800 calendar alarm sound keeps repeating


Am I the only one troubled by the fact that the alarm sound in Nokia 5800 (Symbian) seems to go in a loop, whenever there's an event taking place and you have an alarm set? On S/E, iPhone, Outlook/iCal, the event just pops up , makes a sound, and then keeps quiet. On the Nokia 5800, it keeps making the sound until it's manually stopped, which is a pretty bad idea if you're not around the phone to make it stop, ie. if it's on the office and you're out for a while.

Any idea how to make it behave like every other calendar program?


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This is how it's supposed to work. It will keep alerting you to the event until you look at and dismiss it. Really, that's the way it should. It's not much good if you set a reminder and miss the one and only time the alarm sounds!

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I don't know of any other mobile phone and calender software that does this, except for Symbian phones. It's really annoying that the phone has to "take over control of the office" when a calender event goes off and you're not around to stop it. They really should offer the possiblity to users so they can decide themeselves if they want it to alarm in a never ending loop or just once

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This is a Bug

Fully agree on the annoyance of the calendar alarm - one alarm cycle is fine. I was in a meeting and left my phone on my desk and it kept cycling the alarm and someone pulled me out of my meeting to stop it.

The above recommended solution by User_Name is perfect, give users the option to leave as endless or set as single.

My only option is to turn off the notification completely.

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+1 on this being extremely annoying. I have the e63 (S60.3) and it still suffers from this problem. It is driving me mad to the point Im about ready to totally disable the calendar feature.

If any symbian developers see this please do something to allow users to modify this to not repeat.

If any add-on developers are around ... Id pay decient money if there were an addon in the ovi store or somewhere that fixed this.

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-1 on this being annoying. This is the way any reminder must work, or it's worthless.

On my 5800 appointment reminders get dismissed by themselves and you can easily miss a meeting. The ToDo and Memo seem to work like appointments should.

I agree there is a problem here, one is guys complaining about things working the way they should, and another is Nokia doing weird stuff like not requiring appointments to be dismissed while required todos, etc. Just weird. It would be acceptable to have the default be until dismissed with option number of reminder times, etc.

Mike Nash, just use appointment, it should clear after a few retries.


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