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Old 27-01-2007, 07:40 AM
Prince Charles
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Unhappy P990 Review - DO NOT BUY

I upgraded from the P910i....

I have used this phone for about two months now and have got to say it is absolutely terrible.

There are so many bad things.....I will list just a few of them.

Okay, how about this for a gem: The clock on the phone loses a few minutes every week!! Yes - I couldn't believe it! Right now I'm looking at it and it's lost 3 minutes since I corrected it two days ago!!

Response time is slow: Every feature you seem to select seems to take an age to load. Even on start up the phone takes over 60 seconds to load. Now you might not think this so important as you'll probably very rarely have to switch it off - WRONG! The software is unstable which means you'll be switching it off - no actually that's not correct - You'll be opening the battery compartment, removing the battery and replacing it and closing the compartment in order to reset the phone! Because sometimes the 'off' button does not respond!

SMS: Everything seems to have multiple layers in order to get to the relevant application. Take SMS's;
1) You open the Flip
2) You scroll down to the SMS icon
3) You press the button to select it
4) You press again to select whether you want to 'write' or 'read' an sms
5) So you select 'write' and another menu comes up you scroll down and press the button to select 'create' an sms
6) Yet another menu appears to ask 'sms' or 'mms' or 'email'
7) Finally, now you can begin!
The whole thing is made worse because the response is slow

Synchronizing with Outlook and the upgrade service:

DO NOT UPGRADE BEFORE YOU HAVE MADE A BACKUP! The upgrade service gives you no notice if you re-install the software and wipes everything back to factory settings. Beforehand I was 'fortunate' enough to synchronise with my laptop/outlook etc. but for some unknown reason some of the numbers have gotten the prefix chopped off! Or even worse have dissapeared completely! You can imagine how much fun putting back that stuff is.

There are just so many bad things I could write I would be here for another hour putting everything down. The functionality of the Calendar should be a lot better and the car setting for the Hands Free does not work as it should.

Personally, I think the main problems are two fold;
1) The phone has insufficient memory
2) The software is very poor.

Whilst Microsoft is no angel and I've only used their PDA software - What I've seen of it suggests it is leaps and bounds ahead of Symbian, in functionality and not surprisingly, in synchronisation.

I'm probably going to get rid of mine and will look at phones like:
HTC P3600

Old 11-02-2007, 02:51 AM
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Thumbs up p990i

i've had my p990i for a few days and have found that most of the problems can be corrected by studying the user manual and by simply getting used to the layout of the hand set.

Old 14-02-2007, 11:12 AM
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Talking p990

how to hard reset bp990 using the soft key

Old 24-02-2007, 10:03 AM
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Talking this mob

thanks for the greatest review i've ever read, now the only thing i dont exactly know and didnt find is, does this sony ericsson p990i hav a picture editor???

Old 16-03-2007, 10:30 AM
mikesm mikesm is offline
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Having owned the P800, which was good, and progressed to the P900, which was outstanding (missing out the P910 which was definitely a retrograde styling mistake), I thought that the P990 would be the ideal upgrade. That has not proved to be the case, and I am seriously considering getting my P900 overhauled and back into use.

The changes in the button layout, which is confusing when one has been used to the two previous phones, are unnecesssarily different, particulalry the call/ end call function. The rounded buttons on the P900 were easy to use, and rarely did I press two at the same time. The P900's flatter buttons (I don't have unusually large fingers!) make it much more awkward. The D button in the centre of the four-way switch (forgive my lack of technical terminology) is not prominent enough and is constantly causing problems. And the number of times I have 'answered' a call, only to find that it has been diverted, even though I have been really careful to press the two way button in precisely the right way is bloody annoying. Answering a call should be the most straightforward thing in the world!!!!!

The previous comments about slowness, crashing, lack of memory, freezing, poor battery life, wiping memory when updating software, all accord with the experiences I, and two other colleagues, have suffered. In addition, the camera is complicated, extremely slow between shots, and the screen in daylight is so reflective as to be a mirror - you can't see what you are shooting. Once again, the simplicity of the P900 camera in use was great, and the screen far brighter! Why didn't SE simply keep it the same but with the 2 megapixel improvement?

As much as I loved the P900, I hate the P990. Sony have probably tried to fit in too much technology on this PDA to the detriment of the already fine functionality of the previous models. All in all, not a great experience

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Old 23-03-2007, 09:48 PM
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Time Loss

Probably the Last SE phone I buy, after having only SE since my T68i. Phone can not even keep time properly (losses 2 minutes aday)and jangs up to often. Really not what I would have expected from SE

Old 26-03-2007, 12:49 AM
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Red face peedubyou

I so want to like this phone. I like the size, feel and shape. The potential functions are mouthwatering, just getting them to work is the problem. The CD will not let me install the pcsuite as it tells me that my pc operating system has insufficient capabilities yet every other program including CAD has installed no problem. I have bucketfulls of RAM and hard disc space left but no joy. The battery life is woefull and I carry my Nokia 6680 as a more realiable workhorse.

The 990 freezes regularly and the 6 second option does not work reliably making resetting the phone a real pain. The UI is woefull, illogical and confusing. Duplicitous menus make memorising navigation through the drop down menus difficult.

I have been pulled between Nokia and Sony Ericsson but neither seems to improve at all. The software is overcomplicated rather than intuitive as in the past. This facet should be getting easier with technological advances, not more difficult.

I hope that software mods will fix the problems but I doin't think it will be before my young son gets this phone as an MP3 player.

Old 26-03-2007, 07:24 PM
rjstep3 rjstep3 is offline
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P990i a bit dodgy

I never really liked the P900 or the P910i, and quickly passed on to Windows Mobile devices. My upgrade entitled me to a P990i and I am bowled over by the range of applications and functions. The form factor is just great for a smartphone, and at 150g, it slips in all but the flimsiest of pockets without a fuss.

BUT, I had to take the first one back within 24 hours - it just hung repeatedly, and refused to re-start. I have had the second one plugged in all weekend charging and not being used at all, and come Monday morning, it had HUNG. Now this is with the latest firmware at the time of this post.

I sincerely SE is still working on the firmware and are going to bring out yet more updates, or I am going back to Windows Mobile, which actually manages memory. Symbian comes from Psion - which had an incredibly small memory footprint, multitasked without you noticing and was solid as a rock. How SE's engineers turned that around into this baffles me.

Old 27-03-2007, 10:41 PM
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Thumbs up

shung, thank you about giving me the video player tric to speedup the UI slow change btween windows, now my p990 is super fast whatever i clic it opens instantly, my gues, that the video application actually linked to the graphics accelarator in the processor which is activated to give you a good video, as long as you open any video clp and leave it open the phone ui is superfast. Great . thank you shung

Old 03-05-2007, 10:01 AM
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Good Phone

It is a very good phone, but sometimes he is a bit slow. I have him now 1 year, and I am very satisfied.

Old 15-05-2007, 10:56 PM
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Angry Totally bad service

Just thought i'd tell people about my trouble getting my P990i fixed. it started last saturday night (11/05/07) by freezing and doing nothing but vibrate. I sent it away to be fixed any they cannot sort it and will hev to return it to Sony ericsson. This will take upto 2 weeks and in the meantime i cannot have a phone to replace the pne i have to send away. This iscauseing me no end of problems and am totally unhappy with the service i have recieved. I love the phone, hence why i am going to such an extent to get it fixed but my god is it hard to get fixed, they'll sell it to you so quickly but they won't touch it when it breaks!!

just be careful if you plan buying it, make sure you got it in writing that if/when it breaks you can get another phone to take it's place.

Old 30-05-2007, 06:40 PM
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Question Flip needs repair

Have this P990i for 8 months and the flip gave up a week ago. The center button of the navigation key is not working anymore that I had to remove the flip in order to use it. Im not used to the phone not having its flip...wonder whats wrong with it? I cant say I have overused its function. Cell clinics wont dare touch it and referred me to the SE center which is an hour ferry and plane ride away. Other than its dead center function key, the phone is a superb gadget..powerful, smart and the best so far...better than the other brands' latests.

Old 05-06-2007, 06:06 PM
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Angry Mr

Reading all the reviews before I decided on the p990i was misleading. This phone after I used it for the last 4 months is the biggest piece of shit I ever saw.

Old 06-06-2007, 05:34 AM
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calls being canceled

I can take the 'quirks' that most hae listed here BUT the big problem is when you try to answer a call it diverts! This is really annoying!!! SE claim this is not a problem - this is my second handset with the same problem.

Sync I hae had no real problems - biggest issue was with my antiirus stopping sync but otherwise OK - great phone in principle - rubbish in execution - I will go back to nokia next time

Old 14-06-2007, 11:08 PM
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Unhappy Can't use?

Hi there! I'm still wondering till now, what the hell is wrong with my P990i that I can't use the front camera for still pictures. Is there any settings that I am missing out? Or this camera only design for Video calls? Also I don't know if I overlooked the demo of SE for this phone. That you will be able to make the view of the front camera as your wallpaper? Huh?


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