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Have the same problem as Tink. When I place the P900 to the cradle the first time, the pc can see the phone and can even browse it's contents. When initiating a backup, the phone restarts and stop on the "backup in progress" display. The pc would then display a "backup failed" error message. Have to restart pc and restart phone for it to work again.

Tried thegonzo's suggested solution, but it does not work. Anybody have any other ideas?


Originally Posted by Tink
Tried all of the above, in all possible combinations. Still no joy.

When the P910 is put on-station my Phone Connection Link icon wave moves to the right twice then hangs (on the left).

The Phone Connection Monitor reports 'Connected' on USB (Com5) but at the same time Sync software and My-P910 report 'Not Connected'. Grrrr.

Com5 in the device manager is OK and all the settings seem to correspond between phone and PC.

No reply from Sony to my e-plead, suprise surprise.

Any ideas anyone? If I can't solve this its the end of the road for my P910. Sync'ing is a vital function for me.

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Try to set baud to 9600

Hey Tingker,

instead of having baud of 115200 on both pc and phone, try setting both to 9600. This worked for me, and now I can backup my phone just fine !!!

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Spoke too soon. I tried syncing again this morning with no settings changed from successfully backing up last night and i got the 'error backing up' message again. The phone again cannot connect with the pc after it restarts for backup

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Application firm wire

were can i get it upgraded and the booster if anybody can help pls contactme at

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Wink P910i

Originally Posted by Bensie
Spoke too soon. I tried syncing again this morning with no settings changed from successfully backing up last night and i got the 'error backing up' message again. The phone again cannot connect with the pc after it restarts for backup
Have you had any luck yet with your phone connection? Please keep us posted if you find a solution.

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Thank you!
Its working. PC and P900 "speaks" to eachother.
But I have problems with Synkronisation betveen Microsoft Outlock and my P900.
Its not working at all.


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Forget all this talk of Baud rates, hacking registry, installing and uninstalling! Go to:

and download the Beta m-router that you get after entering your email. Install it, set it up to run from startup and hey presto! Phone see PC, PC sees phone!

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Still with problems after do ever you mention

I Got a P910i and after all steps , still have the same probs. Why you sugest changing to port 10?


Originally Posted by thegonzo
Hello all

I had the same problem as everyone had - the USB Cradle could not connect to my beloved P900.

Here's how I managed to fix it - I hope that it works for you too.

First for the Prologue. I've got Windows XP Pro Service Pack 2, along with Kaspersky AV and ZoneAlarm Security Suite installed - this is basically all that needs to be said. Now, when I first set up my P900, and installed all the drivers/software - it connected first time, great. But the moment I lifted it off the cradle and then tried to set it down on it again, it would just freeze with some error, probably "synchronisation failed". Fine then. I restarted my computer with the P900 IN THE CRADLE, let it boot up, and loe and behold the pc can access the device.

Because this situation was slowly but surely driving me insane, I had to fix this, and so onto my solution:

1. First off, make sure you have the LATEST drivers installed for your DSS SyncStation. The drivers are in .zip format, and need to be extracted to a folder once finished downloading -remember the location. These can be found here (WinXP):

2. Now that you've got the drivers, get the LATEST PC Suite here (WinXP):

As well as the latest Connectivity Pack, here:

3. Make sure that any previous installation of drivers and software has been Uninstalled/removed - just follow the uninstall route through Add/Remove Programs in the WinXP Control Panel; remember you will have to *remove* the USB cable from the cradle before uninstalling the drivers - this is important. Once you have uninstalled EVERYTHING related to Sony Ericsson and the P900, REBOOT for this to take full effect. Keep the cable unplugged for now.

4. Once your computer has booted up and is ready to rock, you can connect the USB cable from your cradle to your PC. A prompt should come up, and direct it to the extracted files from the driver zip from step number 1. Windows should find the drivers, and install them automatically. Notice how it installs twice? That's because Windows is not only installing the driver for your cradle, but also a driver to allow Communication through this USB "COM" port. This is important.

5. Configure the following settings:


Go to Control Panel -> Connections -> Cable...

Cable Status: Make Sure "PC CONNECT" is selected.
Baud Rate: 115200
Parity: None
Stop Bits: 1
Character Length: 8
Flow Control: None

ON YOUR PC (in WinXP):

Go to Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> System -> Hardware Tab -> Device Manager -> Ports (COM&LPT) -> SEMC DSS Syncstation

In the SEMC DSS Syncstation Properties Window that pops up:

Port Settings Tab:

Bits Per Second: 115200
Data bits: 8
Parity: None
Stop Bits: 1
Flow Control: None

Port Settings Tab -> Advanced Button:

COM Port Number: COM 10 (ten)
All the rest leave as defaults.

6. Now that the configuration has been done, go ahead and install the PC Suite that you downloaded, as well as the connectivity pack, in any order.

Once the suite has installed, the Phone Connection Link icon in the system tray (bottom right) should appear. Double click on this to configure it, and make sure that COM 10 is checked.

7. Here't the tricky part. You most likely have a firewall installed if you're reading this, so this is my remedy to the situation. Once the suite has installed and runs, your firewall should go haywire detecting all programs trying to access the nternet/network. IT IS VITAL THAT YOU ALLOW EVERY APPLICATION TO ACCESS THE NET THAT HAS JUST BEEN INSTALLED. But it doesn't end there, I've found. Your firewall doesn't pick up some applications that try to access the net, and so it
doesn't add said programs to it's "allowed" list. Here's what I did...

8. Open your firewall program (I use ZoneAlarm, but they're all really similar anyway). Go to the Programs section. There should be an option to ADD a rogram to be allowed or denied. Click on this button. Direct the program to go to (most commonly) C:/Program Files/Sony Ericsson/Mobile and C:/Program Files/Sony Ericsson/Mobile/Connectivity Pack. MANUALLY ADD THESE PROGRAMS, AND ALLOW *TOTAL* PERMISSION TO ACCESS THE NETWORK:

- mRouterRuntime MFC Application (mRouterRuntime.exe)
- Phone Connection Monitor Application (audevicemgr.exe)
- SCRFS Module (SCRFS.exe)
- DXP SyncML Module (DXP SyncML.exe)
- BroadCast Proxy Module (BroadcastProxy.exe)
- CapMan Module (CapMan.exe)
- ArchiveManager Module (ArchiveManagerServer.exe)

I noticed that a few of those programs weren't actually detected by the firewall at all, but *HAVE* to be allowed total access to the network regardless.

9. And now, you're done. Restart your computer to be sure, and viola - you can see your handy phone, and your'e laughing. You can remove it, put it back in, and it detects.

I hope this helps - I've just spent 2 friggin hours typing this, so it better be appreciated.

Comments, flaims, questions? E-Mail me:


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[b]did anyone have a solution to this endless problem?????

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I have finally hit upon the solution to a connectivity problem (i.e. lack thereof) between Win XP with McAfee Security Center 7 and SE 910i.

(not sure if this is the right place for this, but here goes...)

Once I unblocked the various programs (mrouter etc) in the firewall, synching worked just fine under McAfee Security Center 6.

However it refused to work after I upgraded to McAfee Security Center 7 - the arrow showed a connection, but it wouldn't see the phone.

McAfee's help desk suggested I disable the suite's 'privacy service' - this made no difference. But when I uninstalled the whole suite then re-installed it without the privacy service (which in any case is rather annoying), it worked again!

Hope this helps someone here.

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Works but??

Originally Posted by IndianaBlues
Forget all this talk of Baud rates, hacking registry, installing and uninstalling! Go to:

and download the Beta m-router that you get after entering your email. Install it, set it up to run from startup and hey presto! Phone see PC, PC sees phone!

This may be a stupid question but this method definitely connects the phone and pc but without pc suite there is still no back up?? is there any way to get this to work with pc suite?


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Smile Synch Problems!

Just the info I was looking for. Will try it ASAP.

Just a question thou', do I need to disable my Firewall? I am using XP-SP2 on a Centrino Laptop.

Best regards, mate!
Keanu Peace

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I am still not able to solve out the problem. When I put my phone in the cradle, it does not detect moreover as soon as I take it out of the cradle it says connecting. I have installed all the latests version of drivers and PC suite. Can anyone help me. Already tried thegonzo's solution, didn't work.

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I have a slightly different but equally frustrating connectivity problem. Ive had my second hand p910i for a couple of days now and overall I am very impressed.

When I first got the phone I did a master reset on it, then installed the PC suite on my desktop and plugged in the dss-20 sync stand. All went well and the stand installed fine. Put the phone in the stand and got the recognised new phone stuff come up. Within a few minutes I was happily transferring contacts and files and installing software from the apps CD onto my phone. All this worked fine for about 24 hours.

The sync stand has now stopped working completely. As far as I am aware I have not changed any settings whatsoever and no newly installed software or hardware. The PC still recognises the stand fine and has assigned a com port to it. However nothing happens when I put the phone in the stand. USB is ticked in the link properties window and shows connecting, but it never gets any further than that.
(although for some reason after putting the phone in the stand for the first time after connecting it to the PC it will only change to Connecting after I lift it out and put it back again i.e. the second time I put it in)

I have tried the following in various combinations and orders.

Uninstalling and reinstalling software and drivers from the pc including manually deleting files and installing the latest versions from the SE website.

Playing with the com port settings on the phone and in device manager.

Changing the Com port number

Doing another master reset on the phone.

Disabling my firewall during and after install and connection

Using a different USB port ( didnt really think it was that anyway as the light on the stand comes on when the phone is put in)

Swearing at it

None have worked.

Can anybody suggest anything that will stop me loosing anymore hair?!!
I would mind so much if it werent for that fact that it Has been working but has just stopped.

Im on Windows XP SP2

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thanks man

great work man thanks alot 4 all advices i was realy need them


conectivity, end, p900, solution, usb, woes

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