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Hi and heyelllp( penelope pitstop voice)

First off let me say hello

" Hello "

now thats out of the way I hope you dont mind if i ask a few questions as I have just ordered my N95 8gb from three and have a few things i need making clear for me if you wouldn't mind.

1 : I want to put movies on my phone and after much searching I am downloading esuper right for the encoding , is this the right choice for this task?

2 : I really like the look of rotate me and nokmate but I am being thick and dont understand how they install on the phone, is it like a installer that will open up on the phone or do you connect the phone to your computer and move the downloaded file to the phones memory and then select it to install?

3 : The phone is with three mobile ( got a great deal as long term customer ) if I upgrade the firmware by changing product code what will i lose from the phone that was individual to three?

thanks in advance


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Hi, and welcome

First off, good choice!

1/ i have never used esuper, i downloaded the Nokia video manager. all you have to do is connect your phone via PC suite and tell the video manager what files to convert. The software auto recognises that you have an N95 8gb and converts to the required format.

2/ Once the applications have been signed, you can connect your phone via pcsuite to your pc and select to open the .sis (application installation file) using Application installer. This will then ask you to complete the installation on the phone.

3/ if you update the firmware to standard software, you will lose anything special to three.

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cheers buddy

does the nokia video manager cope with dvd files ok?

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Originally Posted by Z-Kev View Post
does the nokia video manager cope with dvd files ok?
No, you're not going to get anywhere with that. Geting DVDs onto your N95 entails breaking the encryption, ripping to your PC, re-encoding in a format the N95 will read and then copying across to your phone.

Now, taking the last first, as you have a N95 8GB, the last bit will be a bit of a chore, as copying a big movie file via USB will be slow (that's the benefit of having a memory card ) But that aside, it is straightforward enough.

The first bits are slightly more complicated. There are loads of threads around that will extole the virtues of the various software offerings capbable of doing the various steps (use the SEARCH function) but I will give you a tip on the easiest way (though you have to get your wallet out). Use CloneDVD mobile with its stablemate AnyDVD and all you need do is put a DVD in your PC, select the output required and click the start button. It then does all the decrypting, ripping, converting in one easy step and leaves you with a nice small(ish) file ready to copy across to your N95.

Of course, you could just go and get several freeware apps and faff around trying to find the right settings for each that will give you an acceptable output.....

[I must be in a good mood this morning to have been so helpful and written so much.....]
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yes, and I too must be in a good mood as the forum is pretty tight on discussing 'naughty' activites here. But theres nothing there thats not easily found in the first 3 posts of a certain search engine.

in answer to the O.P. tho:
a. Hi.

1. See 3Shirts sig file
2. Kinda, you send the file to your phone either thru PCSuite or thru USB and the file will open the installer from there... basically you then follow the prompts.
3. If you take it to generic version 20, from memory of what Ive seen in posts here, you will loose the MSN app, and as said anything else that is preinstalled as a 3 app/service.


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thanks again guys, im using dvd shrink with eright super, just messing with it now, getting great pic quality but sound is a bit hit and miss


heyelllp, penelope, pitstop, voice

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