All About Symbian - Nokia (S60) and Sony Ericsson (UIQ) smartphones unwrapped

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Support Software Developers

I am not a software developer but I understand 1 simple thing, software developers are the companies and people who will make my Sony Ericsson P800 better and help it reach its potential. Without developers competing and pushing the envelope to bring out new and exciting applications the SE P800 would be a good phone, just not a great one. Without our support, especially for the premier applications and developers, there will be no motivation for them to invest time and money into developing new, exciting and user friendly applications.

The problem with Warez CDs that promise 500+ applications for $15 is that from making this purchase you are not supporting the developers of the applications. When considering to purchase such a CD the following must be taken into account -

1. You have to ask yourself "what are you buying?" How do you know the files wont corrupt your phone or even if the serial numbers supplied will work? If your phone is corrupted, warranty will not cover its repair, what will you do?

2. You will have no acess to support if needed.

3. Software developers are smart people, what will you do when you want to upgrade your pirated software? What will they do to you? The market for mobile phone applications is far smaller than the market for PC software, these developers must protect their market share... to do so they may implement security measures... imagine your phone shutting down and unable to be used because a security measure was activated. This would not be a hard thing to do, remember Symbian 7 is a very developer friendly OS and software developers are smart people.

4. Sony Ericsson themselves will also want to proctect the developers working on their products as they understand that 3rd party developers and applications are what will push their products in the market. What will you do when you have to upgrade your firmware? Will you even be able to do so? What security measures will be in place to check for pirated software?

I personally would not take the risk even though I have seen these CDs advertised on Ebay. With warez there is always a risk, why take that risk with such an expensive device?

Most applications have trials, and there are heaps of free stuff available, so why bother spending money on a CD that is most probably a compilation of trial applications anyway? I say use the trials, see what you like and what you dont and purchase whatever you will need and use. There is no point filling up your phone memory and memory stick with crap you will never use!

Just remember developers need to be supported, cause if they arent, the quality and quantity of applications will diminish leaving us with an excellent phone but with crap all to put on it. Some people will argue that the applications are expensive and sure I must agree. But look at MP3Go selling for $45, a few days later Unreal Player was released at a much more reasonable $24.95 (which I think is even better anyway). Competition between good developers will only be a benefit to us, as each developer releases a better, faster, more user friendly application we are the ones to reap the rewards. We should encourage this and support developers of the better applications.

Purchase and use warez at your own risk, and do so knowing that your purchase is only slowing down the development and release of future software.
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Hey, thanks, Mus! Guys like you are why we write software. I also would not class myself as a software developer, but I can do it if I have to. I am still developing QuickCalc and have started work on QuickWord too, and I think I am definitely going to release them soon.

The price will be very reasonable; to be honest, anything is a bonus, considering I only started writing them for myself, as an exercise!

There will be a "proper" trial version available so that people won't be tempted to crack it. I have no doubt that it will appear on warez sites soon, which is a pity, but I guess there's not much you can do about that sort of thing, apart from copy-protection, which is soon broken.

I expect the software to be commercially available in a few weeks' time. I will keep you all posted. You will hear it here first...

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Good on ya si_lud, cant wait to get my hands on the commercial release of your QuickCalc and QuickWord... just what I have been looking for.
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I wholeheartedly agree with what has been said here.

I am a professional software developer. I recently developed a MP3 Tagger (not for Symbian, for Windows) for my own use and had the decision of whether to release it freeware or as a shareware product.

I came to the conclusion that if I released it shareware, it would only limit it's market penetration, I would not see many registrations (and the registration price would have to be extremely low anyway) and a cracked version would probably end up on the warez sites.

In the end, I ended up releasing it freeware and receiving no benefit for the 100's of hours development time I spent, the cost of my development tools (incl. Installshield Express 4.0 upgrade at ~120 and the cost of my webhosting).

Kinda sad really...


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Society has done it

Sorry friend,

But I am am a developer too, probably one of the best in the country. I can code in C/ C++ , Visual basic, HTML, Java and PERL. I have commercial experience only in Visual Basic as so many have not given me the opertunity to prove myself in the others. I have a HND and a Degree in Computing , a Distinction in the first but a 2:2 in the later just becuase it was difficult to get more than that in a year in which I got my degree ( How many have got their degree in 1 year and the employers lookign for firsts these days , its joke with the cheatign that takes place these days ). I have had 3 jobs in the past of which I was made redundant due to political reasons and the fact I was not a "mover and a shaker" or a "super generalist" and earner 21K at a max in IT and now only in a job which I could have obtained without a degree. It is now very difficult for me to get any where in IT as there are so many agancy people ( half of which are recent college leavers ) thinking that I have had not enough "recent" experience in programming related things when it is like "riding a bike" for me. Should I decide to go against the system eg. Produce Warez, Hack a bank or two I could not admit full responsibilty when I do so, as I cannot afford much of the software which I have worked so hard to be able to afford.


A potential IT criminal


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