All About Symbian - Nokia (S60) and Sony Ericsson (UIQ) smartphones unwrapped

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Originally Posted by dez_borders View Post
After 3 days use, I think the 5800 is the BEST handset Nokia have released. (I previously owned N70, N80, N95, N82 and even - briefly - N96.)

The menu system is just so much quicker, easier and intuitive to navigate via touch.

The only downside so far is the 3.2MP camera - why not 5MP Nokia???
'cause they saved that for the higher end touch screen nokias (n97, 5900?)

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i love the tube..

been using mine for almost a month now and lets just say that the only gripe that i have is with the camera. can't say much about 3rd party software support coz they probably need time to catch up on the compatibility issues.

the fullscreen keyboard needs some getting used to. my e90 was still the best when it comes to full size keyboards.

if u need a business phone than maybe it would be best to look for other alternatives eh.

but the tube is one fun phone!

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I think the phone is simply amazing considering the price.

You are getting a very well featured phone that works in all areas.

The camera is good. Granted, it's not up to 5mp standard, but you compare it with non nokia 3.2mp camera phones. It's very likely the best out there. I compared it directly with the new andriod phone (magic), without shots that needed flash - as the magic doesn't have one - and the 5800 was way ahead.

The music aspect is very good. Not perfect, but certainly better than average.

The phone is responsive and quick. And for me, reliable.

The GPS works flawlessly. I use Garmin and viewranger on it, as well as a few glances at google maps.

The screen is perfectly usable. Many complain about it not being capacitve, but I for one seem to be one of the very unconductive types. Which means that no matter how hard/light I push on it, results are inconsistant and very annoying. I have used both the iphone and HTC magic, and have the same problems with both.

So I am definatly dispairing about the fact that capacitive screens will become in the 'in' thing, even for future Nokias :(

For the money, you really cannot expect anything more from the 5800. I think it's one of the best phones out last/this year. If not the best.

Either way, it will remain the best seller, since nothing else will get near it's features for the price.

What I would pay an extra £150 for though, is an upgraded model.

E series quality design. Something akin to the style of the E71 and E66. E series are also vastly superiour in build quality.

A magnometer. Basically an inbuilt compass so GPS knows which way it's facing even when still. They already have them in the second navigator and upcoming N97.

A better cam. Obviously. A good 5mp, or good8mp with at least dual flash (or ideally xenon) would be lovely.

Such is my wishlist.

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Wating for the N97

With the N97 just around corner and websites selling it for as little as $600, it is worth saving my money and getting that when it comes out.

I very much like my E71, the form factor is nearly perfect and now with the Ovi icon themes available you can have the FP2 look. I just wish it had a higher resolution screen like the 5800 and upcoming N97. I need the hardware keyboard, I do not like the on-screen keyboards.

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to be honest for the price of the handset you cant grumble

i took my 1st 5800 back as i didnt find it as good as my n96 and found it slower to use with a poorer cam , it just generally didnt feel as complete as the n96

however recently ive been looking for a new mp3/mp4 player with a good battery life , around 25-30 hours playback time for mp3s , to take the strain off my n96 battery when iam on the milk round and in and out of the van

i checked out quite a few with 16gb of memory , the zen range , ipod range , archos range , sony range and found prices ranging from around 100 pounds to over 200 pounds

in the end i decided on the 5800 , it has a massive screen , will get around 30 hours playback in offline mode , has wifi , a2dp support , phone ,loud speaker , accelemeter , regulaur updates , s60 operating system , camera , nice screen , vid recording , contact storage , im support , to sum it up quickly a hell of alot more then other mp3/mp4 players for simillar price :-)

i think we all forget that this handset is not meant to be king of the hill that title is saved for the n97 , it is a music phone and when you look at it in that respect it is a cracking piece of hardware for the price of it

ok it might not be main phone material for alot of people , maybe me included , i thought it was overated as a handset to be honest , but at the price its at it can be compared to high end mp3/mp4 players it is that cheap

last night i bought one as my main mp3/mp4 player and back up handset :-)


5800, longer

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