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Old 19-07-2010, 08:11 PM
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@deadkenny. Thanks. But that's not what i was looking for. Let me itemize my comments. This really needs to go to some PM who triages feature requests/bug reports on ovi maps - both the server-side implementation and the implementation on handsets.

I am located in the USA.
1. The data for the USA is quite outdated (even on How often will this data be updated?
2. In lieu of #1 can the site accept user input (similar to the reporter functionality but via a desktop and a browser) correcting data that's in the Nokia maps databases?
3. Why can't the website get Single Sign on and Session management right? e.g. I login to I am looking for places, I find something and want to add it to my favorites. If this is within 5 minutes of my initial login, all's well. Else, the site seems to think I am not authenticated. It can't seem to find my session. It prompts me to authenticate all over again. When you get this dialog, no matter what, it fails to accept credentials, authenticate and move on. Your only recourse is to exit that flash dialog. Go back to find places and navigate back to Favorites.
4. The has no support for searching for intersections. e.g. Powell and Hyde St, San Francisco yields nothing. its not as if Powell and Hyde streets have moved away from each other!
5. has no support for searching by gps co-ordinates. Even on a Nokia device, one has to painfully go in to Landmarks and define one manually. The location of "Landmarks" varies by device and S60 edition.

While Nokia might have the Navteq acquisition, solidly built handsets etc. Google Maps is miles ahead of all this. The only thing Google maps doesn't yet to do for Symbian is turn-by-turn voice guided navigation and the fact it needs a data connection.

If you think any of this feedback belongs in a user forum, i'll gladly post it. But, essentially these are features/bug fixes that a Nokia/Ovi Maps Product Manager needs to take in, prioritize and get out in some release of Ovi Maps.

Old 19-07-2010, 08:35 PM
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Originally Posted by legionnaire View Post
If you think any of this feedback belongs in a user forum, i'll gladly post it. But, essentially these are features/bug fixes that a Nokia/Ovi Maps Product Manager needs to take in, prioritize and get out in some release of Ovi Maps.
1. The only official way you can report these issues is to contact your local Nokia Care. Go to the Nokia web site and look for the 'Contact Us' option. That way your issues will be officially logged and go into the system to be investigated and prioritised. Given the list of items I would suggest using their email option as the phone support will just be front line support.

It's a pain I know, but that's the way Nokia do things. They don't have an online bug reporting system the public can use. It's all driven through support channels.

2. If you post it on the Nokia Discussions forum, it may be read by Nokia employees and added to feedback. That's better than posting it here at least.

3. Unofficial options include twitter and facebook. These are officially run by Nokia and they do pay attention to feedback. Though it's no guarantee anything will be done about it.

Old 06-08-2010, 12:31 PM
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Giving Feedback to the Maps Team

Hi all, and especially Legionnaire. I work on the Ovi Maps app and I just want to let you know that on the maps team, we do our best to read feedback wherever it lands. I just added your suggestions to my little database of user feedback.

The very best way to get your feedback into the application is to join the beta labs when we do public betas. There isn't one right now, but when we do we log that feedback religiously. Also, all of our product managers read and participate in the beta forums.

The discussion forum is also a great place to leave feedback. You might not always get an official Nokia response to your feedback, but you can be sure that it's seen.

I'm surprised to hear that the map data isn't great in the US. Where exactly are you? The search by intersection issue is known and we're still working on it.


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