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n8 always seem to give good reviews about Nokia mobiles an got early bad news about the N8 when it was announced,but today he gives you a very good review about the N8 an is opinion about the positioning of the N8,he does not seem to think the N8 will be such a good idea by Nokia ,an 4 different version to be released,one with the Querty keypad on it,an only One speaker on the N8 so its not a Music phone,but still hope the speaker is loud for playing music,people will now read this review an decide to wait for the Meego phone from Nokia or get the N8,an the price of the N8 will drop fast,Also the Screen on the N8 not as good as the iPhone or Samsung Wave,will still be looking for a review of the finalised Nokia N8

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Do we know if the S 3 devices will run old Symbian 1 apps? This could be a decent selling point actually, means not having to wait around for apps!!

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Originally Posted by langdona View Post
I'm looking forward to the day when you can choose which OS to have on your phone.
Pick the hardware that best meets your requirements then install the OS of your choice.
Hardware compatability is of course the issue but I'm sure there will be some devices that are generic enough to support Symbian or Meego or Android etc.
Yes I've long favoured this .. better yet multiple OS on the same device through virtual machines.
So on my N8 I could run iOS 4, MeeGo and Symbian^3

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Originally Posted by Mr Mark View Post
You know what would make this phone instantly a bit more appealing?

Simple: update the icons and the font.

Seriously, most of the criticism is about the appearance being outdated. Hire a competent graphic artisit and replace them with something a bit more 2010 and a lot of pain is going to go away. Give it a nice default wallpaper too whilst you're at it.

And, yes, I know that you can upload your own themes but first impressions count. Drop the outdated visuals Nokia - you can always have a 'classic' them that people can switch to if they want to.
I completely agree 500%. Some nice glossy 3d like icon with a nice clean wallpaper will make a huge difference. And since the N8 seems smooth to operate. Consumers will be attracted. Just try it, u'll see.

I took some N8 cons (ordered by priority), and I want to know if it'll be in the final version:

Nokia N8
1-no qwerty on portrait mode
2-no smartdial ?
3-extra step when using the virtual keyboard (end text entry -> send) ?
4-just 3 homescreens
5-no spell check OS-wide ?
6-no dictionnary OS-wide ?
7-no speech to text
8-no pinch&zoom in OVI map
9-no xvid/divx support
10-no subtitle support ?
11-no tv recording
12-no led flash for video
13-no variable aperture !
14-no tabs in browser*
15–no cut and paste

16-no dedicated key for dialer (no green/red key like on n97, 5800 etc.)
17-Amoled vs S-AMOLED (outdoor screen visibility ?)
18-no removable battery

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Just saw in the gallery that there s indeed a smartdialer, what about the others cons I listed ?

Originally Posted by Symbian3Qs View Post
Does the contacts app now support categories?
Does the calendar now support categories (different from multiple calendars)?
Has Text-to-speech found it's way back into Symbian^3?
Is there speech commanding in the n8 (eg. "open <app name here>")?
Is there a system-wide speech-to-text framework?
Is the dictionary / spellcheck system-wide?
Is Flash Lite 4 present?
Is there a usable PDF reader onboard?
Is there uPnP / bonjour / DLNA (both directions)?
Is multiple exchange support built-in?

I think that's enough to be going on with - covers the basics of what needs to be in the n8 to fix previous niggles...
I can answer some of your concerns :

Categories in contacts -> don't know
Categories in calendar -> don't know
Text-to-speech -> YES
Speech Commanding -> don't know (there's voice command)
OS wide speech-to-text -> don't know
dictionary/spellcheck OS wide -> don't know
Flash lite 4 -> YES
PDF reader -> YES
uPnP/bonjour/DLNA (both directions) -> don't know
multiple exchange support built-in -> don't know

Someone else knowing more ? Please reply.

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Yes, Symbian^3 is backward compatible with S60 5th

Yes, the N8 with Symbian^3 can run Symbian^1 software, a good example is Ovi Maps running on the N8, which is the same version as we know from Symbian^1. Symbian^3 still has the S60/Avkon libraries installed alongside the new Qt libraries.
The N8 will also run the same Java apps as Symbian^1, just a lot faster :-)

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Do we know if the S 3 devices will run old Symbian 1 apps? This could be a decent selling point actually, means not having to wait around for apps!!


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