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5800 lost all messages and email settings!

I got a new 5800XM in December. It's an unlocked, unbranded North American variant, which I immediately updated to V31 firmware (which is still the latest available for this product code).

I generally dislike touch screens, but I thought I would give S60 5th a chance. Ironically, I like it better than any other touch implementation I've tried, in large part due to its similarity to previous S60 versions (generally the aspects which others complain about, like double tapping, which is quite logical - once to select, the second to activate; I love being able to select something with touch and apply a menu option to it, rather than have it launch just because I tried to select it!). Touch is abysmal for text entry, but it does work nicely for panning around in Maps, so it made a good complementary device to my E71.

The 5800 actually became my primary phone for a while, despite some serious bugs (the clock alarm not always sounding and the camera app crashing every single time the phone is powered on come to mind!).

That came to an abrupt end recently, when it did the worst thing yet: spontaneously deleting *ALL* of my messages!

The messaging app was acting a bit strange, and didn't put a couple of sent SMS messages in the sent folder like it should have, even though they were delivered to their recipients. I figured it was time for a power cycle, so I turned it off and back on.

When it came back on, there were simply no messages. No SMS, no MMS, no Bluetooth received files, no email, no sent messages, and in fact, all of the email accounts disappeared completely. It is as though the messaging app were reset to factory defaults (though contacts, notes, apps, and so on are all still there).

It is not the known issue of the messaging memory in use changing from internal to memory card or vice-versa; it was and still is set to internal. File explorers show that about 9 MB more space is free on the internal disk than what there was before the problem occurred.

Since I never heard of a Nokia device doing this before, I did not back it up as often as I apparently should have, so I lost many messages. Of course, now that I know about it and did a search, I found that it is a common problem. What I have not found is a solution, or any reference to an upcoming solution in the form of new firmware. I have read that it definitely occurs on V21 and V31, but nothing yet either way about V40. I don't want to 'upgrade' to V40 anyway, due to all of the things it breaks.

It's not even worth asking if anyone else has had this problem, because I already know they have. What I would like to ask is if anyone knows of a fix!

I am highly disappointed by this experience. I paid a lot more for this phone than I needed to (to get it immediately from a local store, rather than getting it cheaper on line), and a lot for accessories which do not work with any of my others (Krusell case, spare battery, A/V cable, spare stylii, and so on). I sometimes think about switching brands, but I could never accept the numerous fatal design flaws of every other manufacturer. I really do wish Nokia would use all of their potential...they could be even more dominant with a little bit of effort.


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