All About Symbian - Nokia (S60) and Sony Ericsson (UIQ) smartphones unwrapped

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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
0584287 021.013 BALKANS White Al
0568630 021.013 EURO1 Black Al
0582012 021.013 LATVIA LITHUANIAN Black Al
0580935 021.013 EURO2 ALS Black Al
0584222 021.013 SCANDI 2 White Al
0584268 021.013 EURO3 White Al
0582009 021.013 EURO1 ITALY Black Al
0584277 021.013 EURO7 White Al
0584274 021.013 EURO6 White Al
0578286 021.013 BALKANS Black Al
0578267 021.013 SCANDI2 Black Al
0584285 021.013 MOLDOVA White Al
0575067 021.013 EURO3 Black Aluminium
0584215 021.013 EURO1 White Al
0582008 021.013 EURO1 GENERAL Black Al
0584283 021.013 RUSSIAN BELARUS White Al
0584286 021.013 RUSSIAN CIS White Al
0584216 021.013 EURO1 GENERAL White Al
0578275 021.013 GREECE Black Al
0584279 021.013 BALTIAN White Al
0586636 021.013 SCANDI 1 FINLAND White Al
0578271 021.013 EURO8 Black Al
0584217 021.013 EURO1 NETHERLANDS White Al
0584271 021.013 EURO4 White Al
0584278 021.013 GREECE White Al
0578277 021.013 BALTIAN Black Al
0578274 021.013 HISPANIA Black Al
0582010 021.013 EURO2 LUXEMBURG Black Al
0584265 021.013 EURO2 White Al br
0578279 021.013 RUSSIAN BELARUS Black Al
0582007 021.013 EURO1 NETHERLANDS Black Al
0586638 021.013 HEBREW ISRAEL White Al
0584282 021.013 BALTIAN ESTONIA White Al
0578285 021.013 RUSSIAN CIS Black Al
0578269 021.013 EURO4 Black Al
0575066 021.013 EURO2 Black Aluminium
0578272 021.013 EURO6 Black Al
0584284 021.013 RUSSIAN UA White Al
0586637 021.013 EURO9 White Al
0578287 021.013 HEBREW ISRAEL Black Al
0584218 021.013 EURO1 ITALY White Al
0586641 021.013 SCANDI 1 FINLAND Black Al
0584220 021.013 SCANDI 1 White Al
0584227 021.013 EURO2 LUXEMBURG White Al
0578268 021.013 EURO9 Black Al
0578278 021.013 BALTIAN ESTONIA Black Al br
0578280 021.013 RUSSIAN UA Black Al
0578282 021.013 MOLDOVA Black Al
0584281 021.013 LATVIA LITHUANIAN White Al
0575065 021.013 SCANDI 1 Black Aluminium
0578270 021.013 EURO5 CZECH Black Al
0578273 021.013 EURO7 Black Al
I posted it while i was logged off, but this was my post.I found it somewere on the web.If you want i can post the weblink.
Hope you guys can use this.
Please let me know i you do.

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Thank u, it is a good presentation.

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Arabic ProductCode

Hi there,

Looking for the Arabic Product code for Nokia E55.
It should includes Arabic, English, and French.



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Anyone has this yet? I have a E51 which I want to replace with, just wondering which colour to get... Both are darn nice!

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Same problem (as E52) on E55?

Can somebody confirm if the same call quality problem on the E52 also affects the E55?

See and for more info.

Steve, if (i.e. if proven!) the same problem exists on the E55, can you update the review on AAS about the E55 ( to warn people about this problem? It will be a pity indeed if the same problem affects the E55.

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I also got a E55 with TIM branding, and used the list of product codes to remove the branding. However, I noticed two quirks, one, the folder Spazio TIM is still there, and I can't remove it. Second, after running the software update the pretty folder icons in the menu are replaced by generic ones. Nothing major, but I would appreciate some hints on how to fix either of these.

One thing I have also noticed is that using the TIM the E55 seems quite susceptible to locking up and rebooting, after loading the software of the other product code this has improved a lot. It seems related to UMTS, on GSM only I never have this problem.


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just want to point out, per the Forum Nokia specs:

Extra Features
Accelerometer Sensor
Ambient Light Sensor
Files on OVI
FOTA Firmware over the Air
FOTI Firmware over the Internet
Magnetometer Sensor
Nokia Maps 3.0
Ovi Store
Software Updates
Stereo FM RDS Radio ****
Still Image Editor

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Talking The best phone I ever owned!

Hi, i would like to add my experience to this discussion:

I recently switched from E71 to an E55. Only a second before I bought the E72 as an update because of compass and hopefully better camera I came across the E55 and I am really exited.

The main enhancement for me is speed. Not only responsiveness, but also the gps receiver locates your position when fireing Nokia Maps almost instantly. I have used A-GPS on the E71 too, but it always took around a minute, so often I did not use it. The Compass is great in combination with walking navigation. Also, the device is very sensitive in areas with bad signal strengths.

For me as a person who hates using ABC DEF GHI keyboards the E55 keyboard is great, of course typing on a full QUERTZ (i live in germany) keyboard is faster, but I see the E55 keyboard as a reasonable compromise.

The camera has 3.2 MP like the one in the E71 but it is usable for more than just remembering something like a license plate. I am happy with the results since I can leave my canon chunk at home more often and still take some usable and printable photos.

I am really extremly exited by this phone and recommend it to everyone who likes QUERT* typing, needs a usable camera and uses maps with gps. Taken its size and how thin it is, its much more a technical wonder than the klunky iPone and the other touchscreen hulks.

Please excuse my bad english, it is not my native language.


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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Can somebody confirm if the same call quality problem on the E52 also affects the E55?

See and for more info.

Steve, if (i.e. if proven!) the same problem exists on the E55, can you update the review on AAS about the E55 ( to warn people about this problem? It will be a pity indeed if the same problem affects the E55.
I'm also interested in the possible call quality problems on E55 (or E52) . I'm thinking of buying E55( or E52 ) and I'll be pretty disappointed if the telephony of the device turns out to be with poor quality. Also I read about some unexpected freezes during calls or battery charge that force you to reboot or even to remove the battery in order to continue working. I'm begging users who already have E55/52 to tell if there is any truth about the call quality and freeze problems.

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how is hte gps performance on this device? I am thinking to sell my e71 and get e55. Is voice quality better than e71's? What about speed?

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Steve, press in order: full stop, symbol, space, continue typing.
Also the apostrophe is included in T9 dictionary entries - for me, out of the box, I can type [UI][TY][L'][AS][space] and have "it's" produced, no worries.

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nokia E55 messeging

the E55 has an encredible text input software i had a blackberry and a E72 bbut this one is clearley better and faster the buttons are big enough and it is eseasy to type whit one hand plus the word complition in a trumendos help i once had to text a 1450 word easay to my teacher and it was the fastest on a phone i can remember

i urge you to get this phone

plus download ski fire web browser and

and emoze for faster push email

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poor construction make this and e52 an avoid!

If nokia made all phone this bad they will go bankrupt.

What ever happened to quality?

Even the Iphone is better made than this toy like mobile a very poor effort.

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Interchangeable Back Plates ?

I was wondering if the backplate of the E52 fits the E55 and vis versa ?

My wife and I both got black E55's and now need help differentiating them

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I have this model and I'm so satified of it..I totally recommended this phone.
8gb sd memory cards


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