All About Symbian - Nokia (S60) and Sony Ericsson (UIQ) smartphones unwrapped

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Any colour smartphone you like, not just black

With the Symbian Foundation set to provide an open source smartphone OS, hardware partners with off the shelf components, and a huge amount of software ready to be placed into a smartphone, is the time right for the smaller companies to come back to Symbian? Ewan considers the potential rise of the boutique range of smartphones in 2010. Read on...

Read on in the full article.

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Symbian at the basis of their phone ?

Sorry but at the moment i wasn't aware that the Symbian Foundation has made at least an initially release ?!?!?

I really hope they deliver a functional and efficient OS.mature strong and flexible.and please God deliver a better more flexible SDK.
It's useless to release an OS without an SDK.with only symbian native application.

At the moment the only OS to appeal Sendo and other manufactures (and users ) is google OS.

(Even though i think symbian has more potential)

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A considerable factor in Sendo's demise was Microsoft and their (I regret to say) totally typical evil behaviour which saw Sendo sue them in a cut and dried case. It is heartening to see MS' comeuppance these days with Windows Mobile in an increasing decline, and deservedly so.

Yes, I'm all for more flavours of Symbian powered phones. There seems to be a blind and wierdly misplaced enthusiasm for Android (rather than Symbian) these days in a myriad of new phones, largely by ignorant people being caught up in pure hype and hot air.

Having written a professional study of Android and it's SDK, I can say it is technically a pretty good OS and attractive at face value. However, that's about it. In other respects it is weak - underlying tech problems, an app store that generates practically no money for developers and so is largely a failure, very poor hardware (the G1? - Ha!), tiny userbase, and so on and so on. Hyped up new innovations in Android (and iPhone for that matter) are almost always not only already present in Symbian/S60 but indeed in many cases old hat.

If a multitude of manufacturers want the most powerful, mature, stable, reliable, robust and exciting phone OS out there, with what will surely become the biggest and most rewarding app store, they need only choose Symbian. Of course if these company's CTO's decide to lead them the Android route then they must face the consequences.

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Electrix, the article says that Symbian OS as open source is in the future, at some point enxt year i would think. So there is time to put all the other elemetns for hardware and softare apps in place. I'd love to see this happen.

And yes Sendo had other issues in terms of partners, but does that explain away Siemens and Panasonic leaving? I think Sendo was a classic right idea t the wrong time - a low run, high spec, desirable to power users smartphone.
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I don't think it will be easy to create smartphones in such low volumes and still make a profit. To differentiate, a company can either compete on price or on features.

Competing on price means that you must shift a lot of devices to make any kind of money, which rules out a small company making a couple of 100.000's of devices.

Competing on features looks more promising, as you might be able to sell those at a premium. These features can be either non-programmable, like diamond-crusted gold-plated casings and suchlike, or things that programs can interact with (GPS, magnetic compass, heart rate monitor, blood sugar level tester). Things that programs can interact with have the disadvantage that they need programmer talent to write drivers and API's for.

But who knows. I would certainly be in the market for a proper Communicator-like device with a decent keyboard and a big screen, and some tweaks to S60 and/or Qt to make it work properly with shortcuts.

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ewan, can you post a high res photo of that first pic? It brings back so much memories.. thanks

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i think these days we must return to basics...Not the x86 language, but to the basic of business.

with today many new alternatives and new options for small or big hardware developers, Symbian (foundation or whatever name might come) should keep it simple and have bright future....

I might have a wrong vision, but I see many future phones operating on many diferent open source Software options, including symbian....

As long as smartphone producers give enough hardware resources ...they can squeeze symbian in and sell a phone with good software.

i don`t see in the future of phones more than 3 up to 5 players.

because these 3 players can offer also low end performance but can comply also with smartphone user requirements for developments.
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Lightbulb Success depends on...

Some may argue but the initial success of the symbian foundation's os is heavily dependent on how much it matches the current capabilities of series 60 (3rd edition). Case in point: kde 4 and amarok. These two (and myriad other kde apps) lost quite a substantial userbase when they were reinvented from smart brunette heels to rather dumb but beautiful blondes (no offense to blondes meant, really). Yes, they're getting back on track but the symbian foundation may not have that chance.

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I can post you a high res picture of the 4 (yes, FOUR) Sendo smartphones if you wish... and I'll take it on the current best of the crop

(and yes, I know Rafe, Ewan & Steve have just been waiting for me to comment on this one)

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To quote The Thick Of It: "Is Davina MCall the new pope and can we download rice yet? That's all I've been waiting for."

In that world sure, along with downloading rice not only is there a vast range of handcrafted, bespoke Symbian handsets produced by a flourishing cottage industry, you can also grow your own phone with newly available 'Symbian seeds' available at garden centres everywhere.

Upon returning to reality however, simply any 'boutique' phone beyond the stratospheric realms of Vertu and overblinged Motorola monstronsities just ain't gonna happen. If Sendo couldn't make it work back in 2005/6 back when the economy was relatively bouyant, why on earth would it work in 2009/10?

Saying that components are available off the shelf at relatively low cost from FE suppliers is utter bo***cks. Sure they are if you are the size of Nokia and say 'we'll schedule an order for, say, 5 million of this component this year.' But do you think that the Boutique Cottage Phone Company (BCPC), unheard of, with little or no credit history, placing their order for 100-200k pcs will get anywhere near the same price as Nokia would? Of course they won't - they'll be paying around 40% more, deposit up front, balance on shipping... compared to Nokia who will be paying the balance at least 120 days after shipment!

End result, BCPC is already at a price and cash flow disadvantage before they've even begun to differientiate their product. The differientiation compared to the baseline Nokia product is going to have to be really cheap to implement and/or really add value to the product in order to justify the premium that BCPC would have to charge.

Me - I'd invest in the Symbian Seeds...

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