All About Symbian - Nokia (S60) and Sony Ericsson (UIQ) smartphones unwrapped

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David J Moore
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Thumbs up

E90 - still ok, hurts you hand to type quick due to the short travel.
I will be getting a spare one soon before they stop making them.
E75 - slighter better keys than then E90 but layout not as good. Needs an upgrade with higher screen resolution and the same battery as the E90/E71.
E71 - it looks good, hopeless for typing. Perfect for occasional use,.
N97 - silly layout but the right screen resolution, very PDA like?

Old models:
9500 - good layout, better than the E90
9300 - like the 9300 but keys too close (looked great)
9210 - spacing too much, kept pressing the "help" by accident.
9110 - handled only 3-4 characters per second and then might reboot or battery fall off.

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I've used an E90 for close to 2 years now after having used an E61 for over a year and quite frankly, I haven't found the E90 keyboard much better that the E61 one. In fact, in some way, I've found it slightly worst.

Number-wise, the E90 keyboard is definitely much larger than the E61's. But the keys are still far too small and far to hard to press to enable any sort of touch-typing. So you end up thumb-typing just as on a blackberry-style device. Except that since the keyboard is so much wider than on a typically blackberry-style device, thumb-typing is actually quite awkward as your thumbs (which aren't very mobile devices to start with) have to travel a much greater distance after each letter to reach the next key.

As mozam mentioned, the fact that you have to open the phone and wait for the screen to redraw (which is reasonably fast but not instant by any means) to get to the keyboard also somewhat defeats the point of a full-qwerty keyboard when it comes to typing quick replies or notes.

I still prefer the E90 over the E61 for its keyboard though but purely because of the extra row of number-keys at the top, which make entering numbers a breeze. On the E61, you had to fiddle with the microscopic blue key to get to the numbers - an endless source of frustration.

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Everyone of these keyboards have one roll of keys directly on top of the other.

Why not show a keyboard like the Touch Pro2 which isn't like that.

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"And if, as many people had suggested, the d-pad had been placed next to the screen (or simply missed out - does anyone need a d-pad on a full-face touch-screen phone?), the keyboard would have been larger and with more keys...."

Steve, what you don't understand is that the N97 was made for gamers in mind. Placing the d-pad next to the screen would be stupid beyond belief, and leaving it out would exclude it as a gaming phone (and N-gage in the process). I'm surprised you didn't get that. It's the only reason they included it after all.

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Sorry - WHY would putting the d-pad next to the screen be stupid? What am I missing here? Can't be a left hand/right hand thing, since you could just invert the N97 and have the d-pad on the 'other' side if needed.....
Steve Litchfield, Admin, AAS

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Without doubt the best kboard ive used is the E61.

I liked the E90 but carrying around a folded out phone became a pain. When the E71 came out, i thought i found the perfect device but Nokia ruined it by using microscopic keys (why!).

With the E61, i used to write articles on my travels and could punch out words accurately at a pace. Since i got the E71, that all stopped within a week.

I would go back but need to have all the bits that go with a modern phone like hsdpa and headphone jack.

The E72 looks nice but im looking forward to this new internet tablet.

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Looks like i'm in the minority (again). Very happy with my E90. Keyboard works just fine for me (as you can see). Tried the other physical QWERTY phones (E71, N97, etc), and they just don't match up. I-phone and 5800 virtual QWERTY keyboard get the job done, but i just like a real keyboard. If nothing else you don't lose any screen estate while typing. I liked the E75 keyboard best, but not with 1/2 the screen missing.

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Talking N97 keypad = gaming keypad

I've had an N97 for a week now and very happy with its keyboard...for gaming! real gaming that is, not only is the D-pad in the perfect place (to the far left, under the screen e..g game boy/ advance / SP ,DS/lite/i, ) you can map any of the qwerty keys in emulators, i prefer the ones far to the right e.g. backspace + enter. and what makes the Cherrie on the top is you can even map the volume up and camera shutter keys as L + R buttons =) so Iím very happy, perfect old school emulation phone for me.

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Have to agree with dansus in that the E61 had the best keyboard. I also have been through the mill with E-series phones and haven't come close to the E61 for pure typing comfort/speed. Alas, eventually the joystick (loved that too. What happened to joysticks?)gave up the ghost and I got rid of the phone and moved on. Miss it still.

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Originally Posted by slitchfield View Post
Sorry - WHY would putting the d-pad next to the screen be stupid? What am I missing here? Can't be a left hand/right hand thing, since you could just invert the N97 and have the d-pad on the 'other' side if needed.....

- A d-pad for gaming in mind would only make sense on the side it is currently on, but because of the earpiece it wont fit unless they made the device much taller and that would IMO not be a good idea.
- If the d-pad was on the other side however, all games would have to support flipping for it to be an enjoyable gaming experience. I cant think of many games with this feature.
- If the d-pad was on the upper part it would also need dedicated gaming buttons on the other side and many games and emulators need a lot of keys (sometimes 6 or more). The qwerty is perfect for this. I don't know about you but cramming a whole bunch of gaming keys on the front face is not something I'd want.

And that's why, in my opinion, the d-pad is MUCH better off at the bottom-part of the device.

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My best choices:

- 6800 rocks... followed close second by E70
- 6820 was also good.

I just got an N97, and I'm not sure that I dislike it as much as everyone. The space bar is actually in the right spot... Your right thumb fits it perfectly.


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Nokia 5800

Just for fun I calculated the score for the 5800 XM. Since it doesn't have physical keys, I assumed a travel of 0.1mm as being the amount your finger-tip depresses when you push on the screen. With that, the score is:
63.5 * 0.1 * 31 / 109 = 1.8

Some might argue that the haptic feedback creates the sensation of a larger keypress, but I'd find it hard to quantify that. Even generously assuming that haptic feedback is the same as a 0.5mm keypress only brings the score up to 9.0.

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actually, I like the D-Pad. I would rather dismiss the touch screen than the d-pad. Often website have very small navigation elements, menus, what so ever - and they are far easier to hit with a cursor thru the d-pad than with a finger.

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I think that E61/E61i which I both used in 2008, have a perfect form factor, but those spongy keys were not very good. After I bought E71, I was really surprised with its keyboard usability - I always wished to have that nice "clicky" keyboard, which gives you great tactical feedback so you can switch your keyborad sound off. Now I have an E90, which has a nice, spacey kayboard but with very little tactical feedback and I can avoid mistakes only when Im using keyboard sounds.
I wonder how good the E75 keyboard is, have not tried it yet, only dummy one, and it seemed like improved E90 style keyborad - should offer good, clicky feedback.
Looking forward to E72 and, new communicator, which, I hope, will be introduced by them(Nokia) after E72 launch.

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Originally Posted by phazlehurst View Post
I just got an N97, and I'm not sure that I dislike it as much as everyone. The space bar is actually in the right spot... Your right thumb fits it perfectly.

What an excellent piece of objective common sense. Some have condemned the keypad because the space bar isn't where it is expected on an aincient keyboard layout (qwerty/azerty) but any intelligent human is highly adaptable and moving the space bar slightly would take all of 10 seconds of adaptation before it becomes second nature.

Some will find any excuse to criticise. Makes life slightly more difficult for innovators.


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