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I bought my N82 from Nokia UK and after installing V30.0.019 with product code 0558752 I keep getting text from Nokia saying that I can use the # for silent profile.

It doesn't work.

Is it worth chasing up on this with them?

Also after the update I've got 3 extra icons in the video centre "XMLTV" "NSN MOBILE TV" and "NSN VIDEO services"

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Steve/Rafe/others in the know, is it available for all product codes now (bought mine here in the US)? Have never updated firmware before so not familiar with the process etc.

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On the Active Standby the 'Search' one used to be on one line and is now on two, and now we have the 'Share Online' plugin forced upon us as well.

Sorry Nokia this is utter utter cack

The 'Search' and 'Share Online' active standby plugin's make the Active Standby un-usable for showing calendar appointments, as it can now only ever show one before it runs out of space.

When will Nokia wake up and allow users to select which plugins they want to display like on 'E' Series devices.

On the E71, 'Share online 3.0' is on firmware without the stupid bloody icons, why can't it be the same on the 'N' Series.

If you had the foresight to hack your N82 and add 'installserver.exe' (UDP keeps the hack working nicely) before you updated the firmware to V30 then you will find a nice little unsigned sis file on Symbian Freak that will remove the Search and Share-Online plugins.
If you didn't have the foresight, then currently your stuffed as once updated it is not possible at this time to hack the V30 firmware.
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Cant find any obvious changes to my N82 except that there's an app called My Nokia which I dont remember having seen before. Incidently, My Nokia, when opened, says Service Not Available In Your Country (South Africa). Hilarious, isnt it?

I can change to silent mode with the # key.
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Further to my previous post regarding the # silent profile key I've just recoded my mobile form 0558752 to 0554980 and this function now works.

I re-installed the latest firmware.

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Exclamation New Features Of V30 Firmware Update For N82

There Is New Application Called My Nokia & Snakes Game Is Pre-installed On Phone Memory

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So the N95 (original) and the N95-8gb get the update but N95-3 (US version) does not? Boo!

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My N82 is running APAC-1 and I was able to update, so yes - it is available. :-)

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After using a hacked phone for a month, I don't see myself going back to an unhacked phone even if that means not updating to v30 firmware. The certificate problems simply get on my nerves, I'm not updating till a working hack comes out.

Nokia, Why can't you add an advanced mode to the s60 devices where apps don't require a certificate and the user is free to do whatever he chooses to do?
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Thumbs up i upgraded n82 to v30.0.019

finally did it for a 111.4mb upgrade,new features show a new my nokia icon in applications and search my content in active screen takes up two lines now which looks stupid,one more line share online in active screen,real player doesnt support flv as told but flash player does,anything else is still to be found out

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My N82 works fine with the new software update.....Its good that the auto-rotation is slightly manageable than the previous.But one thing I observed is,when i add some songs to the phone memeory/memory card and do 'Refresh' in Music Player,in Added: 'n' previously it used to show the number of songs...i think now it is showing the number of albums added..Beczz i added 8 songs from a single album and in Added it showed up '1'.

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stops workin maps

after updating with latest ver maps stops working. help me

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I upgraded to firmware v30 and i lost my flash player also when i use maps the phone will hang. Should i re install v30? Will i be able to do this?

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i updated my n82 with v30. bit at d end when only 50 sec were left, msg appeared dat connection with phone has been lost.
wht shud i do now?????????
is there any reset code to reset the software???????????

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NOKIA please stop compressing out camera pictures

now we have memory cards to accommodate for the picture and video files, so dont compress the pciture files so much!


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