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Nokia Map Loader Canot load map to my N95

When I start Nokia Map Loader v1.3 I get a message saying a new version is available (v1.2.1). If I try to accept this update it spends a minute or so downloading the update, then it asks what language I want, I choose English, click OK, and then nothing else happens - map loader closes. I open map loader again and it offers the update again. I can repeat the process over and over and nothing seems to get updated.

If I choose not to update then map loader tries to open, but I constantly get this message:

"The map data on your device is not compatible with the map data available through Nokia Map Loader"

I click OK and map loader opens but only voices are available, there are no maps to download.

I have tried everything. I have tried different versions of map loader - v1.2, v1.3, I have tried updating my phone with different versions of map software, from the Nokia site and from the smart2go website. I have formatted the memory card with my PC and in the phone.

Please help. I have even tried resetting the factory settings on my phone, and reinstalling the phone software (it is the latest version of the firmware).

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Not that it's much help, but I can confirm you're not alone.

I'm waiting for Nokia to sort it out. I'm sure there's a fix coming soon.

In the meantime, have you tried going back to 1.2 and using the vanilla Maps that comes with the firmware (no updates)?

You can still download map data straight to the phone over wi-fi (or mobile network, if you have a generous allowance).

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I have tried the v1.2 and v1.2.1 as well it comes to the same ... problem
Now my Nokia Maps is empty not even have a map inside

Hope nokia sort it out quick.. cause i am going to hk ~ needed the gps very soon

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After days and weeks i have been go through the internet...
i finally find someone have know the way to fix the problem YEAH

thanks to Ranza

On drive E: of your phone (memory card) youll find a file called simply qf. Edit it with a notepad. I dont know if it stores also some extra information about the phone so I wont show here mine, but the only thing you have to do is to change voice_mode into map_mode in this file.

Save it and try again sending maps onto the phone.

Many thanks on Ranza and once again feel shame on NOkia as user found the solution themselves instead of Nokia...

Hurray i can go HK with map now.. but sad with the tracking function missings

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n95 V20 with map loadr 1.3 errors

hello, my name is Az.

@ Admin/Mods, feel free to butcher if this is too long, i'll let you deceide :p

This is a revised version of a fix i *discovered while nokia 2nd line are still scratching their a**es. The original version was removed from nokia

discussions because i mentioned NSS, along with many other threads relating to these errors. No matter. here it in a trimmed down format.

My Specs:
N95 (66.01)

nokia sw updater 1.3.2
pc suite
statrted with map loader 1.2.1.
all of this was done via usb, as i left my card reader at my friends house.
i have read on several forums that some fixes only work if the SIM is removed. not so. In this case, neither the SIM or sd card were removed once.

My Error(s) with nokia maps/map loader after updating to V20 F/W, in no particular order:

An update to map loader v1.2.1 available,(even though it was 1.2.1 I was using anyway) then update download crashes
media not detedcted
nokia map loader has encountered an error, please try again later
map loader not compatible with the data on your phone
cancelling the offer of the update to 1.2.1 to be taken to map loader, but with only voices to install, and no maps at all.
An error has occured, please try again later.
connection to map server has been interupted, make sure internet connection is working and try again

I tried loads of different ways to get round this each time getting different errors, and i've spent the best part of a week doing so, and since i started,

nokia have removed all relevant threads from the discussions forum. Gotta earn the dollars somehow, eh boys and girls on 2nd line?

while reading through all the various N95 forums trying to fix my error(s), i've found there seems to be alot of people with similar problems with

v20 F/W.


UNINSTALL ALL previous versions of Map Loader and PC Suite. Reboot PC. Re-install them again, and reboot PC again. When you install NML, change the default

install location to C:\NML

BACK UP FROM micro SD Card: - Images,My music, Podcasts etc (if any) via data transfer mode. DONT USE PC SUITE BACKUP FACILITY.
transfer your contacts to your sim directory to back them up without pc suite, then you can copy them back to my contacts later.
Use nokia Software Updater to reinstall phone software
Disconnect from USB data transfer mode and do (what i think is called) a "hard reset", which is:
Hold *+3+Green Call key, and then power on whilst still holding the other 3 buttons.
Phone will reset when complete, set regional info, and time, BUT:


connect usb in pc suite mode.
reinstall MMSync from PC Suite (Help> Reinstal PCS to phone), and reboot phone.

connect usb in data tranasfer mode
Format the memory card in windows via My computer>right-click on N95 mass storage, and format. do a proper format not a quick one, then reboot phone.

Change the RIGHT soft-key shortcut from music player to something else (i used clock), otherwise music player runs in the background and plays hell with the

memory card.

Now, format the card AGAIN using the phone. you may get the msg "the memory card is in use by another application, format anyway?", say yes. You must keep

formatting the card using the phone until it formats WITHOUT the msg about memory card already being in use., otherwise this fix will NEVER work.

Obviously, make sure there are no apps running, (thats how i learned about the music player running in the background) and no data connections active, and

USB is disconnected. eventually, it will format without the waring msg appearing at all. Once the phone has successfuly formatted the card without the

warning msg, you're almost good to go.

Start the Maps application on N95, which is a request of map loader anyway, make sure the app is FULLY started, though you dont need a GPS lock, and then go

to options > exit.

* I THINK* the first time NML is ran, it checks for updates, which causes errors, so the 1st time you run it, DISABLE YOUR INTERNET CONNECTION FIRST. You

may get another error msg, and NML will exit. no matter. re-enable your internet connection, and start NML again. If you're using 1.2.1 or any version

previous to that, you may or may noy be offered to update to the latest version (1.3 at time of writing). accept this update if offered, but this time the

updater should complete without crashing, bringing you up to 1.3.

no errors about media not detected (if you do get that error, just reboot your phone start NML again.)
no errors about compatability
no errors about media not detected
no errors about connectioin to map server
maps and voices available to download and install.

if anyone needs the pc suite, or map loader 1.2.0 that i have used for this fix,
email me on

Please let me know how it goes anyone.

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It is fixed now, nokia fixed it server-side. just start nml 1.3 and it's working.

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Originally Posted by shroppy View Post
It is fixed now, nokia fixed it server-side. just start nml 1.3 and it's working.
S**t man, is spent ages typing that all out aswell. Damn nokians. oh well, whatever, Nevermind.

Glad to hear you're sorted


edit: there was me buzzing coz I thought I'd fixed it myself, but it took me so long to do so, the nokians fixed their end by the time this post went up. heh sods law eh?

Last edited by aazaz; 16-12-2007 at 04:06 PM. Reason: thought of more to type once original was posted.

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Nokia Map Loader only works on Windows, framework, and if you add a new map the map loader deletes all your existing maps so you'll have to download them all over again.

But you don't need Nokia Map Loader! links to all maps directly on the Nokia/smart2go server. You can download them using any browser on any operating system of your choice. There's no need to install anything on a computer: perfect for Mac or Linux users, or for when you're on the road and you can't install any software, like in a hotel, school, at work, or in an internet cafe.
If your phone talks WiFi or if you have a fast 3G connection you can even use the web browser in your phone so you can add and update maps without even touching a computer.

Get maps without Map Loader:


canot, load, loader, map, n95, nokia

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