All About Symbian - Nokia (S60) and Sony Ericsson (UIQ) smartphones unwrapped

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Article Inquiry to PsilocSupport

It's good that I found people facing the same problem I face.
I also installed Psiloc Arabic localization, namely the two installation packages Psiloc_CrystalArabic_S60.sis and Psiloc_CrystalArabic_UIQ.sis, the first one didn't work but the second caused my phone to fail at booting.
I thought that the solution is to reinstall the firmware but the Nokia web site does not provide a firmware for the 7710.

So I'm in need to any suggestions from PsilocSupport or from the other participants in this post who faced my problem, as it's painful to have such a phone dead.

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your problem is on the site:

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sms arabic

كي يعمل هذا البرنامج عليك عمل التالي:
نزل البرنامج على قرص ال (c)
و عند الا نتهاء من التنزيل لا يجب عليك فتح البرنامج و عند الانتهاء اطفاء التلفون و اسحب البطارية حوالي العشر ثواني و بعدها اعيد تشغيل التلفون و كل شيئ سيكون كما تريد
و شكرا
لتحميل البرنامج :

to make go the program it is necessary to install the program on the (c) Nb: one should not start the program
and after one needs off the telephone and teake the envirant batery of 10 second

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hi, I'm egyptian and I was learning chinese, so I faced the problem of my arabic nokia 6630 not showing nor writing chinese,
any how after a hard time searching chinese sites (and my chinese is only elementary) I found the solution to reading & writing chinese on my 6630,

I don't know if this will help you, but I give you the steps that enabled chinese on my phone , hoping (while not guaranteeing) that it can help you too show and write arabic on your non-arabic phones,

the main program is for reading (chinese in my case) and it's called fontrouter , its function is to redirect unread (in my case chinses) text (that otherwise appears squares like this [][][][][] ) to chinese fonts, that means that english text is rendered using the default font, if some text is not english, it tries rendering it using the specified font file, which in my case I specified it to be a chinese font file, too complex , huh?

the site for this program is (it's in chinese but google translate can help), try the program's guidelines here

it's automatically translated but it works!

all you need is found there at this site, sorry I don't have time to make detailed explanation, but this site should get you on the road.

the second program is for writing (chinese in my case), it's called fepswitch

it switches the fep (front end processor) that is used to input languages, from the original phone's fep to other fep file you choose,
in the attachment file I give you the fepswitch program, and the fep files from my 6630, I don't know if they will work with your phone, but anyway, here they are, they write english, french, arabic,

I hope this helps, enjoy !

ps : all of the aknfep files should go to the folder E:\system\fep\

if it doesn't work try C:\system\fep\

note that this folder will not exist untill you create it.

install FEPSwitch.EN.sis and choose between the two feps,
if something goes wrong, try renaming the aknfep files to anything else, I don't know,

mainly, if something goes wrong, try fixing it yourself, don't ask me

and the better solution over all this,
go to some nokia shop and have your phone flashed with arabic software !

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7710, arabic, characters, supported

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