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Standard Email Client on E71

Like many E71 users, initially I really didn't like the standard E71 email client.

I'd moved from a Palm Treo 680 and Chatteremail+'s functionality and reliability were tough to replace.

Well I've tried a lot of replacement email clients, from Seven, Emoze, Nokia Labs Beta (or whatever it's now called), Profimail, Blue Whale plus the GoogleMail application (as I use Gmail).

Ultimately... none of these are perfect!

Seven is slow and adds an annoying folder into each inbox. Emoze just isn't reliable enough nor can it handle downloads. The Nokia Labs email application makes a decent go at it but doesn't integrate with the operating system. Profimail looks a lot better in 3.x and now supports IMAP-idle, but isn't integrated with the rest of the operating system. Blue Whale, I don't remember and GoogleMail is great for a freebie but cannot notify me with a beep.

What I want is an application that integrates with the operating system so I can hit "Create Message" and it's in that list. Being able to download attachments, notify me, stay connected using IDLE-imap or has lots of checking schedule options - all essential. The standard email application ticks more boxes than anything else.

I must be missing something... surely? Is there a single-user, non-enterprise application I've not tried?

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....its daft that the E71 doesn't come with what you (all of us) want as standard. In fact its ludicrous and even Nokia has had to create an application to get round it! Versamail on the Treo is better than the standard Nokia offering (and thats saying something) I've stopped at Profimail....its the best of the lot and has enough power to get round not being integrated....not perfect but enough...

Its the the same as SMS....Treo has the E71 hammered there too...

Ah well......cant have everyhting!


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Yes; more than a bit frustrating really. In many respects the E71 has my 680 beaten to death with its own stylus, but then Chatteremail+ and the messaging applications rule...

...and lets face it, I use the E71 for email, SMS and MMS a heck of a lot...

I've gone back to the Nokia Messaging application but this isn't quite working as I want it to as regards my SmartConnect funkiness...

<Time for another thread I think>


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