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N95 8GB On Orange

I found this post on the net earlier today:

Having hunted around I cannot find it with orange anywhere on the net.

Anyone managed to find this?

Anyway having not found anything I called orange to see whether it is on the horizon.

The bloke said that they dont have any current plans to stock any more N-series devices because the N-series range and in particular the N95 has been a huge flop. I said that he couldnt be more wrong and he said, "have you checked any reviews of the N95 8GB".

Why do salesmen always think that the person calling is a clueless idiot and also decide to pretend to know what they are talking about when they know nothing!

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TMUK and Orange are the only networks NOT doing the N95, or the W960i (Orange may do it though as a friends has hinted - TMUK defo not despite pushing the 'W' series for the last 2 years.

All O2 versions are 'unlocked' if you get from O2 store - and their price plans are actually better than TMUK's Flext with Web and Walk if you get eh 600 mins and above plans - you can add unlimited internet for free

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The man is right, I know someone who works in the handset testing department and orange are not doing any more n series devices because they have had big software problems with the n95. Wouldn't be anything to do with the orange software now would it?
Hence my move from orange to vodafone, fed up with crippling orange software and wanted the n95 8gb : )

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And Orange are going to suffer a bit in the JD Power survey that is just about to start in the UK next month.

They've 'sponsored' it for years now - wonder what the brand perception will be after recent disappointments

Still - I work for TMUK and we've been off the pace on terminals for years

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Fones 4 U do the W960i on Orange.
Still no sign of any newer N-series devices making it.

Interestinly there is a big banner on the Orange website saying, "Orange recommends Nokia"


Its frustrating because I am with orange as the plan I am on is as good as I can probably get but the lack of HSDPA anywhere other than london and the fact that their phones are crap are making me think again!

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Before the N95 (original) came out, I had a N70 (on Orange) and had passed my contract period - I wanted an N95 but thought they'd cost a fortune when they came out, so wanted to drop to PAYG to a few months (wasn't using my minutes). Disconnections guy at Orange was plain rude. When I gave my reasoning, he said Orange would not be doing the Nokia N95 because they'd had big problems with the N-Series and no-one liked them.

Ten days later, I called again, spoke to someone else, and got offered a frankly ludicrously good deal and had the N95 on Orange about a week after it came out.

I see mattq64's point, but I've heard this argument from a Orange call centre monkey before and it was nonsense that time..............

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The reason you can not get the N95 8GB and N81 on orange is due to fact that they both have the Nokia Music Store included, it was widely publicised at the the launch of the Nokia Music Store, that Orange would no longer stock any Nokia phone that featured the store as it was in competition with Orange's own music store. Nokia refused to remove it, hence there are none of the latest N-Series phones available on Orange, I believe T-Mobile have similar objections.
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N82 & N95 8GB Available on orange

OK conclusively the N82 and N95 8GB is available from Carphone warehouse and its affiliated companies and theres some pretty good deals. I just ordered me an N82 on Dolphin 35 for free. Better still its unlocked and not branded by orange so its bound to actually work right

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I had similar issues with obtaining an N95 8GB from Orange. I had the same in 2006 when I wanted to get an N80 but the "sales" guy (kid) told me they had stopped doing it because it was a problematic device. So I picked up the N73 instead, debranded and was perfectly happy. You see, as I have my Broadband, VoIP & Landlines with Orange, I get significant discounts for staying with the mobile division.

So when my N73 became due for an upgrade, and I asked about the N95 8GB, I was told that they don't do it (no reason given) but was offered the N95-1 Classic with free 8GB card. In my view that's a pretty good deal as I never did quite like the restrictive nature of the N95 8GB. So, ultimately, I am happy, but I do laugh when Orange reps (or any other) try to disguise obvious hissy fits between the network operators and the handset manufacturers with tales of "poor software", etc. Has anyone at Orange tried living with one of their crippled firmwares ???

So, now I am the happy owner of a debranded and fully upgraded N95, and I still get a fantastic deal on my whole telecomms package
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You can buy the N82 on Orange:

And the N95 8GB on Orange:

Both through the AAS Phone shop.
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