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jog dial

i have this problem my jog dial stop responding, only the up n down is not working, for about 3 to 4 hrs, after 2 days it woks again, but now its not working again, i've already brought the unit to soy ericsson and they say its a board problem not the jog dial, and its unrepairable, i just don't get it how could they say its unrepairable, isn it they have all the necessary gadgets to repair it, how could they produce such an expensive phone , all they can say its not repairable? does anyone here have experienced this kind of problem?

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What they probably mean is that the circuit board is cracked. Like sh*t, this happens.
SE probably could replace the circuit board, which in effect would mean replacing the whole phone.
If it is less than a year old, you are probably covered by automatic warranty (unless you have previously taken the phone part yourself) and just need to be persistent.
Suggest that if it is not repairable, then they should give you a new phone.

er ... remind me of the topic again?

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more likely the pins on the jogdial have slightly moved and are preventing the jogdial from moving properly.

There are two pins inside the jogdial and they are not very reliable.

if you hold the phone upside down (jogdial towards you, screen pointing to the floor) you should see the push pin above the jog dial on the left side of the jogdial hole. It should be free and not INSIDE the jogdial (i.e., so the jogdial can push on it when you push the jogdial towards the camera).

The otehr pin is next to it, a bit more to the right. It hooks INSIDE the jogdial and gets released when the jogdial is pulled towards the screen.

it sometimes gets free from its position (usually if you try to clean the area) and prevents the jogdial from moving up or down properly. Slightly pushing the pin and placing it so that it goes back behind the jogdial's black dial should resolve it.

Be careful, though. Too much playing around with the pull pin can cause it to break (it did for me). A new jogdial is not very expensive (around $12).

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Try what oferlaor said above.

If you find that you need to replace the jogdia, you can get the jogdial at

Your problem may not be with the jogdial itself It may be something else like the connector socket on the pcb, or the actual connection between the jogdial and the socket on the pcb.

Also, water can get in the jogdial hole and trickle down to the pcb. Corrosion on the connector socket can cause problems. If caught soon, you can clean it up and perhaps get it fixed at a board shop.
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