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Mail For Exchange

I have a little problem with Mail For Exchange and my Nokia N80. I have self-signed certificate for Exchange mailserver and when I am synchronizing e-mails I got always message: "The site has sent an untrusted certificate. Continue anyway ?". I underestand that my certificate isn't verified by any root authority, but if I have synchronization schedule set at 15 minutes it means I have to confirm this message four times when I am not with my mobile one hour. So question is:

Is possible to import self-signed SSL certificate into Nokia N80 and set it as trusted ? If yes, please describe me how, because I have tried import the certificate as CER (it was opened just as NOTE on Nokia), I tried to convert it via openssl to PEM (the file was not recognized) etc... Thanks for any help in advance.

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There was a big long thread about this on the E-Series forum. However I've never got it to work properly on my N80. I thought for a long time it was because the certificate was signed to a base domain ( rather than a vanity subdomain of that ( (or vica-versa I forget which) but having tried a few possibilities of these I've still not got it to work satisfactorily. If you have any luck then I'd be interested to hear what you did.

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Why don't you try a wonderful software called owa for pda which is working also on n80 ? is here

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It looks like a reasonably competant piece of software, but Mail For Exchange has a couple of huge advantages.
Firstly it's free, secondly it doesn't need to you to install any other things to the Exchange server (I'm not a fan of third-party addons for stability and security reasons) and finally M4E can provide a push solution for Nokia's.
Admittedly if no one can get it to work properly that's a tiny bit academic I'm just hoping someone know's what simple thing everyone is doing wrong.

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I have been struggling with this for two weeks and finally pulled it all together earlier today.

1. Our server is SBS2003 which hands out a self-signed cert.
2. Nokia has a developer documents on this. Google under “creating self signed certificates s60” and it should come up.
3. On page 11 of this document there is a description of how to put the certificate on your company web server so that the phone can be convinced to download it and recognize the file as a valid format security certificate. This description is pretty sparse – so there is a lot of room for error.
4. The break-through for me was understanding that one had to set the MIME type correctly on your company web server (as described in the document), AND then build a child web page on the same server with a link to download the certificate through browsing with the phone.
5. After that – it all came together.

I suppose a real certificate would have worked also.

If I can now get this stupid phone to pair and connect with BMW Bluetooth I might keep it. Otherwise back to the 6682.


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