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5800 vs n97 browser?

how much improvement is the n97's web browser engine over the 5800's?

I know there's kinetic scrolling.. but more curious of how fast the pages render, is there a noticeable difference?

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N97 gps

Could someone tell me where the gps antenna is located? I want to know if it is like in the N95 where you need to open the keypad to access the antenna.

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I would really like to know if the N97 can handle these type of videos files.

I know that the Samsung Omnia HD is kitted out with a better hardware for this and definetly it compatible with these video files. I think this is a good selling point for this competitor and I am still weighing up my desision on what phone to get, Omnia HD or N97, (possibly new iphone).

Is there a comprehensive comparison between these two phones (Omnia HD and N97) anywhere? I know its early days but would be good to see which phone seems to dominate in certain areas.



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More questions

You guys are awesome at answering questions so I pose a few of my own.

Does the outer, metal rim attract and collect dust like the 5800?

I found the screen lock mechanism on the 5800 to be perfectly placed. Does moving it to the other side of the device change its ease of use?

How hard is it to press the physical menu key? Is it firm like the 5800?

As an N-series device, it should be multimedia focused, yet there is no dedicated media keys, nor an easy way to get to the music player/web/videos like the media bar on the 5800 (granted, you could put the music player widget on the home screen, but that's valuable real estate with all of the widgets that will (hopefully) be coming out.) Am I missing something or do I have to go into the menu to start/pause/skip/etc. the music player?

How would you rate the quickness of the UI with and without animations? Is it significantly slower?

Does hitting the "end" key exit the application or just put it to the background? I

How transparent are the home screen widgets? If you put a personal picture as the wallpaper does it hinder the readability of the widgets like the 5800 home screen?

So much has been said about the home screen widgets and I definitely plan to use them, but are there other options for the homescreen? i.e. contacts, traditional active home screen, blank?

That's enough for now, but thanks for your thorough review!

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You mentioned much better Outlook/Exchange Support.

Being a bit optimistic here, but don't suppose they include Outlook categories (an old annoyance of mine).



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Could you check whether (Finnish General Broacdasting c-y site) is playing the videos/audios? So far N810 has been the ony one to do this...

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Question Email.


Is the email client is the new Nokia Messaging, like the E75 (
Or is it the old 'inboxes' S60's method?

I'm asking because it looks like the new "Messaging" icons in the email widget.

Thank You.
What The.. #^$%


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ngage app is not pre-installed.

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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Could you check whether (Finnish General Broacdasting c-y site) is playing the videos/audios? So far N810 has been the ony one to do this...
Doesn't appear to work.

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Is it possible to use the N97 in USB host mode? means: can you use it to e.g. backup the pics from your digital camera to the 32GB of the N97? Or plug in a USB stick? (of course adapters would be needed)

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SMS Storage & capacity?

Quick question - where are sms's and mms's / emails etc stored on the phone?
Is it on the RAM or on the 32GB storage etc?
If RAM, does that mean there's a limit to the # of sms's you can store? And if so, how many is that approx?


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Originally Posted by slitchfield View Post
Ignoring????? [splutter]

Ignoring???!?!?!?!? I'd LOVE to cover it in huge detail if Samsung would hurry up and send us the retail unit they've been promising now for an eternity!

So it's not intentional. I don't believe anyone has got a SIM-free device yet. Stuart Clark was writing up the Orange version..... Stuart?
I thought the SIM free version was now on sale in most countries & as it's out here even if it's only on Orange then their would be no reason for them not to supply you with one?

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How's the audio quality compared to the N91 using quality in-ear earphones?

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Is it/will it be dlna certified?


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