All About Symbian - Nokia (S60) and Sony Ericsson (UIQ) smartphones unwrapped

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What We Expect

Why are phones always bigger and better than the last one? Because otherwise people like Ewan would get upset because that's what we've come to expect.

Read on in the full article.

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I think its simply because we are using the features a lot more. Back in the day, camera phones were new. But who used them? The horrific pictures you got from VGA cameras were of little use to anyone.

But now, having a good camera is paramount to a lot of people. For example, I have just got an E66 to replace my 6220 classic. The E66 is superiour to the 6220 in almost every way, bar the camera (3.2 with LED flash compared to 5mp CZ with xenon flash).

And the difference is huge, I am now stuck between the 2 handsets even though the E66 is mostly superiour.

For a new handset now I wouldnt consider anything less than a 5mp camera, with either dual LED or xenon flash.

Another good example - USB 2.

For people that reguarly transfer data, be it pictures, videos or music, after using USB 2 would you really go back to USB 1?

Smartphones are genuinely becoming more useful, and when you use something a lot, downgrading is very difficult to do.

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I don't think we ALL want ALL the new applications on a new phone. We all want some of the applications.

I can survive without Nokia Maps on my 6220c and I would not pay a monthly fee for the privilege of using it.

The battery life on a mobile is just not good enough to run all the applications anyway. Play games, take video's and photo's, listen to music, use maps, spreadsheets, e-mailís, browse the internet, send text's. Oh and even make phone calls. Apart from sms and phone calls everything else is quite average on a mobile. If I play games it's on a Ds, music an iPod, photos a camera etc.

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I can survive without Nokia Maps on my 6220c and I would not pay a monthly fee for the privilege of using it.
I use Nokia Maps quite a lot, and have never paid anything. Personally, I find having Nokia Maps on my phone, even without having the paid-for navigation option, is brilliant...

I agree with you to a certain extent about playing games on a dedicated games console, listening to music on a dedicated player etc. However, the main advantage of doing these things with your phone is that you only have to take one device with you. Also, most music players still don't support the use of Bluetooth headphones, which my E90 does. Also, I love the fact that I can manage my podcasts on my E90 directly, rather than having to mess around with a PC application such as iTunes and then sync the downloaded files to my iPod. Since I installed the Nokia Podcasting app on my E90 I hardly ever listen to podcasts on my iPod.

It's the same with the camera. The camera in my E90 is clearly not as good as a dedicated camera, but it is a camera that I have with me most of the time, and the quality of the photos (in good light at least) is pretty good.

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Talk about a prescient blog posting:
-- Ewan Spence, September 2009

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There's a big difference between us early adopters and the average person, according to our research.

Just an example: one of the guys I know who previously had an N73 and used it as a dumb telephone (barely even use the contacts), now has an iPhone 3G, and uses that merely as a media player (music and movies) handily combined with a phone. He doesn't use contacts, calendar, or even the vaunted web browser of the iPhone.

People like him are disturbingly common. They simply have no need for large swathes of the funcationality of modern smart (or even feature) phones, and will never use it no matter how user friendly or powerful it is.

The problem is, different people use different slices of functionality.

Considering this, we need to a) be aware of our target market and b) consistently work on ensuring that new functionality doesn't reduce the usability of old functionality.

Just some thoughts...


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What We Expect

Hi guys just been offerd an interview at LHR, and im wondering what to expect. Is it a stright forward interview or are there test to do?



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